5 EDM Music Trends That Will Shake The Scene In 2018

5 EDM Music Trends That Will Shake The Scene In 2018

Written by Jaron Lewis

While some argue whether EDM actually still exists, other continue to drop amazing EDM music that lights up the party and your passion for the genre. Yet one thing is for sure electronic music trends in 2017 exploded, so we expect to see them grow substantially throughout 2018. In fact, the EDM trends of 2017 shook up the scene so much they will echo into the new year. Today we have decided to highlight some of the EDM music trends that will shake up the scene in 2018.

Everyone loves some good electronic music trends so read on and learn about what movements you will want to be on the lookout for throughout 2018.

Compared to deep house and bass house, we will see the Tech House genre grow quickly. Sure you could say it is not a new movement but festivals around the world are quickly jumping on the tech house bandwagon, a certain love is felt for the minimal driven producers and DJs.

Mixing the winning combo of techno and house is a sure way to convert the masses over to the EDM music. An example that bonifies this genre is The Martinez Brothers, who show some amazing technical know-how during their sets.

If you are constantly working to be a better musician, increase your creativity, and striving for perfection then you are certainly working hard to create perfect music. If you aren’t, then you might want to remind yourself that somewhere, someone is. So, it’s time to step it up. If you are a rapper or singer, check out our tips on how to rap better and sing better as well.

The trend that gained a substantial following this past year, possibly the EDM music trend of 2017. Well, we predict it will continue into the new year. These are just pioneers of sound and there is no chance that they will be unsettled.

The bassline and garage scene that appeared out of Sheffield and Birmingham in the UK is just too loved. Hannah Wants, Chris Lorenzo and DJ Q for example, have seen continuous playtime around the world. We just can’t wait to see what they cook up for their electronic music of 2018!

That sweet melody! Just keeps pulling at our heartstrings and rises ever higher in fans. Groups like Millenium or Skrux have pioneered this sound and it is not going anywhere soon! Due to its large audience appeal, we believe this will be a sure EDM trend into 2018.

They may have been on small stages this year but it will be big concerts soon! Those beautiful melodies, breathtaking vocals, and unstoppable beats cannot stay hidden for long.

What? That is not new is it in the EDM world. Sure DnB is well known but everyone loves some DnB so it will definitely still be an EDM music trend as we enter the new year. You can just look at the return of Pendulum as proof that Drum n Bass is once again on the rise!



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