How Can We Help You?

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  • q-iconCan I download the videos?

    Downloads are not available at this time as this is a membership site. However, the site is optimized for mobile devices so you can take it on the go as you please.

  • q-iconWhat happens if I need to cancel my membership?

    If you actually go through the course and the strategies aren’t working for you, then you’ll get a full refund.

    You DO have to implement the strategies and show proof of your work though.

    We can’t help you if all you do is browse around the course and not put anything into practice.

    Again, you will need provide proof that you’re actually keeping up with the material, but you do have 45 days to ask for a refund.

  • q-iconDo I get any perks if I refer a friend?

    Absolutely! Sign up for our affiliate programs here.

  • q-iconWhat if I'm having trouble executing some of the material?

    Leave a comment below the appropriate video you’re having trouble with, and I will answer your question there. If it’s a more private question, feel free to inquire in the contact form.

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