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  1. Hey everyone, Jason Moore here from the Washington, DC metropolitan area (in Maryland). Happy to be one of your latest students. I am a hip-hop producer / beat maker for the last three years and I’m ready to learn some new techniques, and fill in some missing knowledge that will hopefully help me takes things to the next level.

  2. Hi everybody, I’m Jamie Parsons. I’m a songwriter writing music in multiple genres including country, pop and gospel. I’ve won some international awards but so far, not much money. I’m psyched to begin this journey to success as a full time Artist.

  3. Hi all! My name is Marcian, and ready to move forward. I am a pannist and doing some writing. I am also here to learn how to record and set up my own studio. Thanks for this opportunity Omari MC.

  4. What’s going on everybody?!? My name is Kortnee Simmons, and I am a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from New York. I make R&B music, but I grew up singing a little bit of everything. My time now is spent recording and performing full time, as well as running my own independent record label.

  5. What up everybody! I’m Verich. Been writing songs since 2004 and beats 2012. I make POP/R&B and feel my music is finally good enough to put out there and i’m stoked to see where this program will lead it to.

  6. Whats up! Thanks for having me. Look forward to learning. Been bedroom beatmaking since the late 90s. Trying to gain knowledge to actually do this and get up out the warehouse. Peace

  7. Hi Guys, I’m a jazz/hiphop/contemporary music artist. I compose, rap and play reeds.
    Looking forward to learn some new stuff!

  8. This is Mackin Brier here, a.k.a. Mack Of Montage. I am a rapper/producer out of a small town in Pennsylvania, looking for as much info as I can get when it comes to getting my music out there and turning my passion into a full-time job.

  9. Wuts good it’s KOT rapper out of North Carolina looking to network wit all my fellow academy members, what has been ur experience, have u reached the Holy Grail and had actual success selling music? Ready to do anything and everything it takes to sell records! Let’s Do This!

  10. What’s good everyone? I’m Adrian and I’m a rapper from England. Been rapping for 14 years now (I’m 24) but I’ve really not made any progress with my music in the grand scheme of things so I’m REALLY hoping that this course catapults me into the public eye and gets me making money off my music in such a way I can comfortably live off of it. Words can’t express how excited I am to start this!

  11. Hello! Name is Mike, play drums for the band Mighty Kind from Brooklyn, NY. Excited to learn more and make 2017 bigger than 2016. Thanks!

  12. How’s it going everyone, my name is Trevor Marshall I’m an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter from Toronto Canada, looking to learn how to start making money with my music business! Can’t wait to get started 🙂

  13. Yo guyz!
    Cool to be a part of this, and look forward to get into the program as well as getting to know some of you in time 🙂

    I do urban music with pop influences!

  14. Hey everybody. I’m The King Stratton. I’m from Virginia and I’m a rapper. I have a lot of friends that rap, one of them Chieftaine, and I’m going to use this to further myself and Chief’s career.

  15. Greetings from England. Thanks, Nathaniel, for the excellent webinar. I’m away gigging all weekend, so look forward to commencing your course on Monday.

  16. My name is FADED. I am an artist from Fayetteville NC. I have been doing music for 2 years. The genre of music that I do is hip hop. I am very excited about joining the advance artist academy!

  17. Hi everyone. I’m new to songwriting. My genre is gospel. I grew up singing in choirs. However, I had the yearning to write about three years ago.

  18. Hello! My name is Manje Khan, and I’m a hip hop emcee, and producer, and I am ready and willing to work and get my name known!

  19. Hi, my name is Jaquie Daniels from the UK. I write and perform mostly acoustic based songs with a folk influence, but recently I’ve been recording with backing tracks created with music software. I enjoyed reading ‘Make them beg to buy your music’ and I’m now looking to take my music to the next level.

  20. Hi, I’m David from Hamburg, Germany. I’m a soundtrack/piano(classical/easy listening composer, who just started to promote himself. I hope with this course I can sell my song myself and don’t have to wait to a phone call from my agent…

    I live from music (I wrote some film score and I’m a conductor, too…), so I’m professional, but not with marketing. And if I can help you somehow musically (I don’t know – with arrangements for strings, brass, fresh ideas, whatever…) or somebody wants to collaborate, feel free to write me.

    Have a nice day!


  21. Hi everyone, I am a singer/songwriter/performer from Cleveland experimenting with Apogee MIC, jam, and Macbook Pro’s Garage Band.

    I am finally independent from any band right now, however, I would like to be able to perform solo to my own music tracks and harmonies. I do not know how to accomplish the hands on technology that I would need to be able to perform by myself. I hope to find some answers so I can take the next step.

    Michelle Nader

  22. Hi, my name is Ueno, I’m a female rapper from Arkansas, took a webinar with Omar MC, and decided to become a member, I’m excited about this experience, I’m ready to push my music further!

  23. Hello everyone!
    My name is Caleb Israel Hayes.
    I am rap artist out of the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
    Been writing music for about two years, but just now taking the time to get serious about it.
    Eager to learn and become more proficient in my craft.
    Thanks for the opportunity and resources Omari!
    Have a good day everyone!

  24. Hi, i am Dan McCarthy. I play solo acoustic folk/rock. I work in ready mix concrete delivery by day, but that inspires me to pick up the guitar after work and create. Notes start to flow out of me, ideas form and take shape. I have always loved music, and an inspirational period 2 years ago has yielded original compositions. I am inspired by everything, even when i least expect it.

  25. Yo what’s up music family, I go by the name of “The L.A.W.”( life attributed writer), a lyrical, Philly area m.c., with an obese appetite for the business side of music. Thanks Omari MC!

  26. Peace everybody. My name is Bilal Abbey. I’m a new student out of Pittsburgh PA, and I’m looking forward to evolving as an artist, and hopefully meeting some of you on the journey. Hip-hop and R&B are my weapons of choice.

  27. Hello, My name is Michael Hartman, I am a Country Music Singer, Songwriter, and Self Producer. Lots to learn there. I am Musician of 40 (forty) years and finally decided instead of learning all the new songs that were coming out on the market, I would write my own. Some are good, some are great, and some not so good. But we keep moving forward and I hope this information will help in the development and the marketing of my music. Nice to be with you all and hope we can network together.

  28. Hey Guys my Name is Xaye FoxX I am a New York Recording Artist and Producer that ranges in Genre from Hip Hop, R&B, Funk, Jazz, Rock, and Many More. I have been making music since 2006 and went to school for business and marketing just to add to my tool belt to further my career and also turn my other talents into careers. Thank you all for having me.

  29. My name is Brian Cliff Molina, I am a young music artist/producer from Hollywood, FL. I go by the name lil Brian and I’m looking to move my career forward with this program. I like to say before anything I am a musician. I started playing piano at 10 and from there I never looked back. I was in band throughout middle and high school and that was great experience on top of learning the fundementals of music. I went to Broward College for Music Tecchnology but the whole school setting wasn’t working for me. I have faith this program will launch my career forward though. Looking forward to it all!!!

    They say I’m one of the baddest reggae/hiphop/pop artist yet
    I’ve worked with big names like jadakiss,skeelo,
    The Jacksons, jackson brown ect.
    I’m a entrepreneurs
    Chk out some of my goods from comedy to good music

    1.Me Jadakiss and Duane Darock (Bottle Service)

    2. Me Skeelo burning up

    3. The music or AkapelloDiGeneral

    4. The Music For the Ladies

    I will soon have a great
    Place simulator to help unsigned artist
    I wanna thank Omari for building a place like this
    It just let me know that there are other like minded helpers out it the world that really embrace the greatest of real music

  31. My website will be coming out soon. If you’re an artist that needs quality beats, check out LateToClass Beats. I am currently producing under the name, DJ $ynesthetic, but the name change will be happening soon.

  32. What up! My name is Birdy I am a Hip-Hop artist/songwriter/producer and I’m here to learn and further my career in Music to the major level.

  33. Hello 🙂 I’m Sarah Brown, I’m a pop/soul singer and songwriter from the UK. Its a pleasure to meet you all! Omari, I really enjoyed reading your blogs and Make Them Beg To Buy Your Music and found them extremely helpful! I’m looking forward to getting started on this course! 🙂

  34. Hi everyone,

    My name’s Christopher Siu, so glad to be on board. I am a singer/songwriter writing pop/easy listening music. Looking forward to growing with you all!

  35. Wadup peeps! My name is Fiyon (Phi-Yon) Da Icon from Englewood, NJ. Rapper/song writer currently in Philly making moves and looking to advance my career not just for my sake but for fans who are looking for my type of music. Blessed are we all for taking advantage of this program and for Omari MC for providing it to us. This is my Day 1! It’s not how you start but how you finish! May you ALL grow from this course as I hope to.

  36. Hello Family my name is Sam. P from Greensboro NC. I am a rap artist & music producer that creates music for the purpose of sharing the truth and love of Jesus Christ through my personal testimony and praying that others would receive him as Lord and Savior just as I did. The genre of music I produce is Christian Hip-Hop and I am here to become educated in the business of music, increase my income, and create relationship with other artist and producers.

  37. Hey guys,

    My name is Robbydrew. I am a rapper/songwriter from New York. I am excited to take this course and bring my music career to the next level.

    Good luck everybody!

  38. Hello,

    I am new to the class. I am a Slam poet, trying to forge the music of hip hop, with the soul of Slam poetry.

  39. Hello beautiful people! Now where’s that get rich quick button?……. Hmmm…. Oh wait…… there it is!

    Thanks Nathaniel

  40. Hey everyone I go by the name Underdog and I’m a Hip Hop Artist from Canada I’m excited to be apart of this program like all of you. I’m off to watch the next video. Peace!

  41. Hi everyone!
    I go by the name SwitchMatiC and I am a music producer/music artist. I’ve been involved with music for over 15 years, but I just got more serious about it 2 years ago….Music is what love to do and I’m looking forward to learn, grow, and build with you all! Thanks for this opportunity Omari!

    • Thanks for joining Switchmatic. Let me know if you need help implementing any of the strategies along the way.

  42. hey guys its scottie from arkansas im a multi talented artist of all genres.. i been in the music scene for 12yrs. lets grow!!!!!

  43. Hello Musicians! I’m gospel artist Ralph Williams! I’m from New York and I’m excited about this investment!

  44. Hi! my name is Giorgio aka So Soul Boy and I’m from London! I do pop/soul/r’n’b and I’m glad I finally joined the group. I can’t wait to loearn and change my situation! Cheers!

  45. Hey guys my names David, i go by The Jet from San Bernardino, Ca and the music i make is hip hop/rap. And im ready to grow!

    • Hey David. Glad to have you here! Don’t hesitate to let me know if you ever need help with anything in the videos.

  46. Hey! Its Eric aka FourSixty8, I am a Hip-Hop Artistout of the Bay Area and I just wanna say that I am glad to be part of this!

  47. Hi, I’m CJ From South Bend In, living in “nowhere” North Dakota. My music project is DLS & I suffer from the opposite of Writers block! I play multi genres but lean towards progressive ,I write about subjects with deep meaning & look forward to taking our songs to another level! Positive vibes & wishes of infinite inspiration to everyone! Thanks for having me!

  48. Hey everyone NEW STUDENT here my name is Briana Brandy and Im a hip hop artist out of Phoenix, AZ! Excited about learning new things and GROWING!! hope all it well!

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