Lesson 10 - Home and Other Pages

This one requires some creativity on your part, but feel free to look at mine as well

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4 responses to “Lesson 10 – Home and Other Pages”

  1. No.

    I’d suggest watching the other ones as well.

    They’re essential for the email follow up process regardless of if you
    have Optimize Press or not.

  2. so i can skip to lesson ten all the way down,an follow the other steps far as the web page is concerned correct?

  3. Hey D,

    You can still follow the layouts of everything.

    Look at the design of my current homepage and feel free to even mimic the exact layout.

    There’s a pop-up for the email list (Month 3, Lesson 1)

    A widget for my songs (Which you can embed your own widget with ReverbNation or SoundCloud etc. via the share button under the songs)

    There’s some social proof videos (the Darius Rucker and Erika David/Bobby V ones). You can put testimonials of maybe some nice comments people made about your music below the songs.

    The menu options: you can have an about section, music, home page button, and a menu option leading people to a squeeze page as well.

    Also, have your social media accounts (You can see Lesson 5 for some plug-ins that should help with this)

  4. okay omari im back on dealing with the web page design im way behind, but since me not having optimize press is you telling start at lesson ten,pretty much im asking how to build my site without using optimize press pretty much?

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