Lesson 11 - Blog Post Page

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4 responses to “Lesson 11 – Blog Post Page”

  1. Do I understand well, that you actually don’t use/write posts only pages look like posts? And on your “Home” page the posts just links to these pages?
    If I’m wrong how do you use the OP template together with WordPress posting system?

    • I don’t write ‘posts’. I just made a template and create new pages (I use these pages as blog posts). If you wanted to use OP in conjunction with WordPress you’d have to follow the Optimize Press video for that. It’s in your OptimizeHub members home section. I personally just use this method because it allows for more design control

    • The design looks good so far. I’d get an opt-in form for the email list on there towards the top.

      Also, some share buttons so people can spread it if they like.

      Feel free to look at one of the articles on my blog and mimic the style.


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