Lesson 2 - Website Setup

Setting up your hosting and domain with the discount link for HostGator

Lesson 2 - Add-On Video

A quick video on something I forgot

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14 responses to “Lesson 2 – Website Setup”

  1. Just finished with hours of trying to get hostgator to function well. Finally got through to tech support after a few long attempts to find out that hostgator does not work with wordpress.org like you recommend. They only work with wordpress.com. Going to try bluehost now. You might want to look into that since you are offering discounts through hostgator but recommending wordpress.org on your videos.

    • Hostgator works fine with WordPress. That’s what I currently use on all my sites. It’s a confusing concept I know, but essentially you just get Hostgator, go to your cPanel and click on the connect with WordPress button. You don’t need to switch hosting companies at all.

  2. Hello, Im transferring my website from wix to wordpress. My hosting site that I am using is 1&1, instead of host gator, is that still okay?

    • Yes, it should be fine. You may need to phone their support if you have any specific questions though, as I don’t use that hosting service, so I wouldn’t be able to walk you through it. The end results should be the same though

  3. Hi Omari,
    Having dramas accessing Word Press. Seemed to install fine but now it’s just giving me 403 Forbidden page. What did I do wrong and is there a way to uninstall and start again?

      • Cool, thanks. I also found another email hiding which led me into the c-panel which looked like the one you’re navigating in the vid. Trying to do it on the site seemed to lead me off course. Now I can go back and run through the setup up procedure and see how that goes.

  4. FourSixty 8,

    So it is possible to set things up through your Square Space.

    Square Space is another publishing platform like WordPress; however, I don’t use Square Space, Wix, Weebly, or any of those.

    You could search YouTube or Google for a way to make the squeeze page with Square Space, but a lot of the plug-ins I recommend through the program are with WordPress, and I have no way of knowing if Square Space has the same options available since I don’t use it.

    You could transfer your domain name to Hostgator, then install WordPress. (Easiest way)

    Or you could get a separate domain name (e.g. http://www.foursixty8music.com) through Hostgator and install WordPress that way.

    You’re able to follow along with Square Space, but I don’t have tutorials on it because I use WordPress.

    Mailchimp is separate from WordPress… To get Mailchimp you click on the discount link in the right navigation bar.

    If you have any other questions just let me know!

  5. Hey Omari,

    I currently have a website, with my domain already set up as Foursixty8.com but i have it through Square Space. My question is How would I go about setting up mail chimp and a Squeee page?


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