Lesson 4 - Setting Up Our Theme

Optimize Press theme setup (with special link below video)

Lesson 4 - Setting Up A Google Analytics Account

Lesson 4 - Conversions with Google Analytics

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18 responses to “Lesson 4 – Setting Up Our Theme & Tracking”

  1. Nathaniel, your course is great so far. I have a problem though. I transferred my existing .com domain to WordPress and bought Optimize Press, but could not install it, thought the default WordPress plugins work OK. The help desk at WordPress told me that I can only use Optimize with a .org name. Yet I see that your website is a .com. Any ideas?

    • Hey Mark,

      So what they’re saying is that you need WordPress as your publishing platform from your hosting provider. In the videos when I was talking about wordpress.com vs. wordpress.org, this is what I meant. This confused me at first as well so no worries. If your website is hosted on Hostgator there is an option to have a one click install of WordPress (this is wordpress.org). After that, you’ll be able to install the Optimize Press you’ve already bought. Whenever you log in to your site AFTER doing that WordPress install you’ll see the dashboard that I talk about in the videos. Is your website hosted on Hostgator?

  2. I went and did the wordpress.com and the org. I have a site I am slowly building up but my first WP installed got messed up kyngsolo.com so hostgator told me to re download the WP and I did and now I cant figure out how to get back to my first installed WP bc some of the URL was messed up. Now I have to use kyngsolo.com/kyngsolo. smh Do you have any advice on how to get into my first WP sit I down loaded though the URL got messed up? My email is [email protected]

  3. Hey Omari,

    I already have a google analytics set up for a blog that I created while I was in college. I updated the URL with my website and it says that I have to wait up to 24 hours to be approved. Is there a quicker way around this, or do I just have to wait?


  4. I have a huge question. I didn’t watch the course far enough to know that you recommend & use the optimize press theme, and I bought another premium theme called decibel ( http://decibel.wolfthemes.com ), it seemed really good for music. My question is do you think I can make it work, or should I save myself the trouble & time and buy the theme you recommend ? Also, I kind of want to do a one page site ( there’s both regular and one page options for my theme ), is it possible to have the main site one page (the main content with bio, music, videos etc.) and landing page/squeeze pages etc. maybe on different pages ? Let me know, thank you.

  5. why does this cost more money ? how many more sites do we have too put money towards too make our site good i just need one domain name for my artist site

    • I went over some ways this can be done for free in the previous video or two.

      You’ll notice in the video I say there are alternatives to this.

      This is just something I suggest that I’ve seen come up through experience
      with artists. The free sites and cheaper themes just don’t work as well as
      Optimize Press.

      I’m not saying you can’t do it without it, but with stuff like this, I’ve
      found sometimes paying for a better theme makes things insurmountably easier
      down the road.

      • maybe im making it harder than what it seems but its pretty easier watching you an following alone.,but visit the website,its not really my strong point you know but would always take your advice anyday

        thanks omari

        • Found it… So lesson 10 has some walk through instructions on this. I’d try to explain it more here, but it would be an overflow of information.

          Feel free to copy the design of my homepage as well.

  6. can you tell me what im missing if you visit drocc88.com.
    this aint my specialty making web pages,my thing is focuses on music an the business side lol.

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