Lesson 5 - Installing Some WordPress Plug-ins

Some extra plug-ins we're going to download


Easy Social Icons

Page Expiration Robot

Facebook plug-in (Optional, Optimize Press already has this)

Master Silder (Optional)

Contact Form

Shortcodes in Menu

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14 responses to “Lesson 5 – WordPress Plug-ins”

  1. Now that I’ve down laded plugins how do I get them onto the actual page? it there click and drag function or something I have to do in the side bar?

    • There will be a shortcode that you put into the custom html editor. For example it will look something like [socialpressicons]. You would put ‘[socialpressicons]’ into a custom html box in Optimize Press it it will show up.

      • I forgot to tell you thank you. I have a new question now though. Im wondering what sound cloud plugin your using, because I can’t seem to get the short code for Soundcloud Master to work

        • I’m not using any SoundCloud plug in actually. I just embed the code they give you directly from SoundCloud. In SoundCloud you hit the share button –> embed –> copy & paste the code in the custom html spot for Optimize Press in the live editor.

  2. You’ll see them in your Google analytics dashboard. You can login at google.com/analytics whenever it’s connected.

  3. I didn’t use the optimized press theme, instead I chose one that was available. Now if I search for the plugin for google analytics and find it then activate it. Is it just as useful as if I copy and pasted the code somewhere?

    • No. You’re going to have to find the header element for your theme and put the code in before the tag.

      If you’re not using Optimize Press, I’m not sure where the header is going to be, but that’s where you’d have to put the code.

      After you insert that, then you’ll be able to download a plug in for the WordPress dashboard.

    • No, askimet is free. Maybe they have a more premium version, but all the plug-ins suggested are free.

      They just have premium versions with more features available.

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