Lesson 6 - IMPORTANT! Set Up A Domain Name Email Address

Lesson 6 - Email List Initial Setup

Integrating our list with Optimize Press

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Lesson 6 - Email Series Templates

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  • Email Templates for Advanced Artists Academy
    Email Templates for Advanced Artists Academy

    Use these ideas to help get you started with your email chain

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    Lesson 6 - Add-On Video

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    20 responses to “Lesson 6 – Our Email List”

    1. I try to sign into my email through outlook.com but it says the account doesn’t exist. I went to the cpanel on hostgator and setup the email there already. How do I get into my account?

      • For my Outlook (2007). I go to Tools–> Account Settings –> New –> Next… And should be self explanatory from there.

        What version of Outlook are you using?

      • Go to Lists –> Click on your list you want to make changes to –> Click on sign up forms –> General forms –> From the drop down menu select ‘opt-in confirmation email’ –> From here you can change the text through the ‘Translate it’ option

      • ? You shouldn’t have to generate a new API key. Once it’s connected you should be able to add the list you want from the drop down menu. Have you contacted Optimize Press support about it? You can also video chat me and I’ll take a look. Let me know if Optimize Press support doesn’t help you.

    2. Hey Omari. Thanks again for your priceless tips man. I have 3 questions for you. I’m having major trouble linking my mail chimp to my form in Optimized press. It says its linked, but when ppl don’t receive any of my automated emails or any indication that that’ve been added to mail chimp at all.

      1 Do you have any advice about the type of the form to use in optimized press, or any other tip that might help?

      2 I wanted to know if you know of a way for me to be able to let ppl download my mixtape from my page that would allow me to keep track of the downloads?

      3 Which pop up maker do you use to have an additional email sign up form pop up on your page?

    3. I’m wondering about the length of the second email. Do people really read through the whole thing?

      • It depends. You can shorten it if you see fit. If you’re subscribed to one of my current email lists you can see the length of the average email I send. Feel free to mimic any of lengths in the ones I send

    4. I already have a website that was created on a site other than WordPress. Will I be able to integrate an email list with the website?

    5. I have a question regarding the second email template. How Do I add a blog post and allow people to view it off of my static page? Does it produce a separate link?

      • Hey Lortisha,

        I believe I stated in one of the videos I wouldn’t be able to advise on another theme because Optimize Press is the one I use. You’d have to check with the developers of the theme on that question.

        • I realized that after I played the video back again that you said that. Thank you for responding.

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