Lesson 7 - Automating Our Series

Putting the email templates into MailChimp

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7 responses to “Lesson 7 – Automating Our Series”

    • Hey Matt,

      Did you already have an existing Mailchimp account prior to signing up through the link?

      You’d have to sign up through the link (with a new email address) and then go premium once that account is created. Not
      the best system created for affiliates through Mailchimp, but that’s how it’s currently set up unfortunately.

  1. Hey Omari,

    I just wanted to inform you that I got the issue resolved between Mailchimp and my Gmail. It literally took over half an hour just to receive the test emails from Mailchimp. Thanks anyways!

    • Hey Steven,

      Mailchimp has recently moved to favoring domain emails. Be sure to connect your domain email to your lists to ensure that they send accordingly. You can still send tests to Gmail, but be sure to have your domain email connected to the list.

  2. Hey Omari,

    My Yahoo account and custom domain email, seems to be very responsive to my Mailchimp test emails, but my Gmail is not receiving any of the emails and I sent several of them… I even created a brand new Gmail account to re-ensure that my current Gmail is still fully functional and receiving all of my other emails. Unfortunately, even the new Gmail account is not receiving anything from Mailchimp. Please let me know what I can do to resolve this situation. Thanks!

  3. Hey, not sure why my test email keeps going into promotion. Is there a way around that so I get get into the main inbox? thanks. I’ve changed the subject title a few times but to no avail.

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