Lesson 8 - Squeeze Page

An overview on our squeeze page and why we need it

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14 responses to “Lesson 8 – Squeeze Page”

    • Hey David,

      The design looks solid, but I’d only put a preview of the song on the squeeze page. If they can already stream the whole song there is no incentive for them to download it.

    • I’d also stress in one the bullet points that the download is ONLY available when they sign up. Also, if you have any social proof/comments from fans on the song you can put that up as well. It will add in extra incentive for the download

  1. Hey Johnathan,

    I’d take a look at this squeeze page at https://www.omarimc.com/free-beats

    Also, Lesson 21 will give you some headline ideas.

    I’d have Download Now in the text for the button, and I’ve found usually people
    don’t get excited about the ‘getting updates’ part.

    Lesson 21 goes into more of that though.

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