Best Afro, Soca, & Dancehall Beats For Sale: Top 5 Producers To Buy From

Best Afro, Soca, & Dancehall Beats For Sale: Top 5 Producers To Buy From

Written by Cameron Mayo

As the music industry grows, local genres often burst into mainstream music, blending with other styles to create new, catchy tunes. Afrobeats went through this evolution and is still changing today. It also is getting more and more popular! These days it’s not out of the ordinary to hear afro pop instrumental beats on the radio or see music stores selling Jamaican beats.

The Beatmakers, or sometimes called Riddim Gods are producers. Below are some of the best producers of this music to buy from.

Omari has been making beats for over a decade. He has a huge variety of sounds and big library of available tracks. He is versatile producer and has beats for any lyrics. From upbeat chart-toppers to lo-fi jams, Omari can do it all. On top of that, buying a beat from Omari gets you free promotion on his SoundCloud channel with more than 40k followers.

Check out his beats by clicking the button below.


Beats by Big H is a great place to find Afro and dancehall beats. They proclaim themselves as “Afrobeat & Dancehall Specialists” and their beats live up to that. Their library of available beats is quite extensive and neatly catalogue with hashtags so it’s easy to filter through.

This Nigeria based producing company also has a cool feature that lets you order a custom beat. Based on your direction, they will write something to match the vision of your next hit track.

OGE Beats exclusively produces Afrobeats and dancehall music. Their website is full of great beats that will take your music to the next level. They also offer several Vox Kits of their sounds if you ever get the itch to play with making beats. OGE is a great producer and you should be able to find something to fit your project.

Best Afro, Soca, & Dancehall Beats For Sale: Top 5 Producers To Buy From

Beats by SV is another great producer with a great offering of Afrobeat music. With a comprehensive filter, you can narrow down the catalogue to exactly what you are looking for. They also cover a ton of different genres as well, so when you’re on to your next project you might consider giving them a look. Beat by SV also have mixing and mastering services that are worth looking in to.

MindKeyz, a producing duo, has some killer Dancehall beats. They specialize in Afrobeats, Soca, Hip Hop, and Dancehall. Their cutting edge sound and driving beats are products of years of experience and tight collaboration between the two producers. Don’t skip these guys in your search for the perfect beat.

Good luck with your music! Once you have all the pieces put together and have a finished song, Be sure to check out Omari MC’s promotion packages. The world wants to hear your music and Omari MC promotion is the best way to make that happen.




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