Best Christian, Worship, & Contemporary Gospel Beats For Sale: Top 5 Producers To Buy From

Best Christian, Worship, & Contemporary Gospel Beats For Sale: Top 5 Producers To Buy From

Written by Cameron Mayo

If you are looking for some great contemporary gospel beats for sale, look no further than these producers. Today, we’re showcasing the best gospel worship beats around.

Omari has been making beats for over a decade. He has a huge variety of sounds and big library of available tracks. He is versatile producer and has beats for any lyrics. From upbeat chart-toppers to lo-fi jams, Omari can do it all. On top of that, buying a beat from Omari gets you free promotion on his SoundCloud channel with more than 40k followers. Check out his beats by clicking the button below.


Beats Avenue, sometimes known as the “Booming Brothers” is a production company that has some good beats but also a variety of other services such as custom beats and mixing/mastering. To accompany their gospel beats, they offer most genres if you ever plan on branching out to other styles of music.

Also, they understand the difficulty of making it in the music industry and give you the best help they can. Take a listen to their beats! You won’t be disappointed.

So Fo Real Beats is a really well put together production studio. They offer great service and a clean website so you can find the perfect beat for your next project. SFR has a large variety of genres, including a great gospel section. With affordable licensing and some high-quality music, these guys could be a great addition to your next track.

Spend some time on their site and listen to what they’ve got. It just might be exactly what you need!

Best Christian, Worship, & Contemporary Gospel Beats For Sale: Top 5 Producers To Buy From

I’ve recommended Allrounda before and I am about to do it again. Their gospel section is full of moving rhythms, powerful beats, and beautiful melodies. This German producer has fingers in every genre you can think of and does each with flair. Before you settle for a beat, be sure to give his work a listen.

Started in 2013 by Steve Migliore, Maxx Beats has done work with some of the biggest names in the industry like Beyonce, Madonna, Taylor Swift… the list goes on! This international studio has a powerful team of producers that will help you bring your music to the next level. You can buy beats (pre-made or custom), mixing, mastering, and even promotion from these guys.

Head on over to check out their offerings and maybe you’ll find sometime to support your next gospel project.

Good luck with your music! Once you have all the pieces put together and have a finished song, Be sure to check out Omari MC’s promotion packages. The world wants to hear your music and Omari MC promotion is the best way to make that happen.




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