Best (New) Deep House Music, Playlists & Songs On YouTube & Spotify | Updated Regularly

Best (New) Deep House Music, Playlists & Songs On YouTube & Spotify | Updated Regularly

Written by Omari

New House music blogs, artists, songs, and releases are popping up every second it seems like. So how do you know which playlists are the right ones to follow? Unlike some other genres, House is just as popular on SoundCloud as it is on Spotify and YouTube in our opinion.

It’s well known that artists like Deadmau5 are going to get millions of listeners on Spotify, but why do another music review of someone who’s already getting all the press?

Sure, it’s cool to be abreast of what’s happening on the scene, but what happened to discovering new independent House artists, albums, and releases before everyone else?

What happened to individuality and liking something just because YOU liked it?

If you want to be like everybody else and follow the crowd, this list probably isn’t for you.

We strive to find playlists that don’t encourage vulgarity, misogyny, drug use, violence, and well… ignorance. Who said you needed all that to have a good time?

In our playlists you’ll find artists encouraging love, compassion, peace, & respect. That doesn’t mean these songs are for kids (although you can certainly play them with your family). This means that artists can indeed talk about real and true things without promoting explicit content.

Be sure to follow and subscribe to these playlists with the top Deep, Big Room, & Melbourne House songs!

Download & listen to the best Deep House artists, albums, and mixes. Ibize Sunset Mix 2018 style House songs that will be more than enough to satisfy your cravings. Be sure to follow the playlist and subscribe for more music!


Add This EDM has you covered with the world's best clean EDM music. Nobody has a better collection than we do (in our humble opinion)! Be sure to hit the follow button on the playlist!

Add This Running is the best running playlist on Spotify & YouTube. We've got upbeat Hip Hop, EDM, Pop, and Dance tracks to keep you going for mens and womens taste! Be sure to subscribe and follow the playlist!

The best Zumba dance songs list in English, Spanish and more. You'll get a great workout in with these fun dance tracks. Be sure to follow and subscribe for more awesome music!

These Top 100 Club songs complete a list of the ultimate Club tracks. The best playlist on Spotify & YouTube. Be sure to follow the playlist and subscribe!

These Big Room House artists are the best in the genre. This playlist features the top 10 big room drops, and the best songs you'll find anywhere. Be sure to follow the playlist and subscribe.

Add This Dance undoubtedly has some of the best songs to dance to and party songs of all time. Whether you want to workout, or just dance with your friends, this playlist is sure to please. Be sure to follow the playlist and subscribe!

All Our Favorite YouTube, Spotify, & SoundCloud Playlists

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