Best (New) Happy Music Playlists & Songs On YouTube & Spotify | Updated Regularly

Best (New) Happy Music Playlists & Songs On YouTube & Spotify | Updated Regularly

Written by Omari

Who doesn’t like to be happy?! Well maybe except for a Grinch, but he turned out alright in the end, right?

But we aren’t just talking about having a bunch of Top 40 songs this week and calling it a new playlist. We search for fresh finds from across the web.

Sure, it’s cool to be abreast of what’s happening on the scene, but what happened to discovering new independent artists, albums, and releases before everyone else?

What happened to individuality and liking something just because YOU liked it?

If you want to be like everybody else and follow the crowd, this list probably isn’t for you.

We strive to find playlists that don’t encourage vulgarity, misogyny, drug use, violence, and well… ignorance. Who said you needed all that to have a good time?

In our playlists you’ll find artists encouraging love, compassion, peace, & respect. That doesn’t mean these songs are for kids (although you can certainly play them with your family). This means that artists can indeed talk about real and true things without promoting explicit content.

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Add This Happy is the world's best Happy music playlist to get you smiling and dancing. We've pulled the best songs from YouTube, Spotify, & SoundCloud and compiled them here. Be sure to hit the follow button for the playlist!

Add This Party gives you the best Party music playlist for 2018. This complete list is full of Hip Hop, Rap, EDM, and Pop hits. Be sure to follow and subscribe!

Add This Pop features the absolute best Top 40 hits type Pop music, and it's all clean! You can listen to the best new Pop music from YouTube & Spotify in this complete playlist. Be sure to follow and subscribe!

This exquisite 90s music list features top songs from the early and late 90s. These Pop and Alternative hits will have you wishing Fresh Prince & Full House were still the top shows on air. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and follow the playlist!

The best Christian Pop, Rap, & Rnb music playlist of new songs, bands, artists, and albums for your enjoyment. The top list on YouTube & Spotify. Be sure to hit the follow button and subscribe for more awesome music!

Add This Dance undoubtedly has some of the best songs to dance to and party songs of all time. Whether you want to workout, or just dance with your friends, this playlist is sure to please. Be sure to follow the playlist and subscribe!

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