Best Piano & Ballad Beats For Sale: Top 5 Producers To Buy From

Best Piano & Ballad Beats For Sale: Top 5 Producers To Buy From

Written by Cameron Mayo

Digital music production has been revolutionary to the music industry. Anyone with a computer is now able to become a producer. And beyond that, people now have all the tools required to record, mix, and master a song from their own home. This has created new genres and styles of music because we are all able to manipulate sounds to create music.

Because of this, there are countless options if you are in the market for buying beats. This list is full of producers who use piano for those artists looking to write a ballad.

Omari has been making beats for over a decade. He has a huge variety of sounds and big library of available tracks. He is versatile producer and has beats for any lyrics. From upbeat chart-toppers to lo-fi jams, Omari can do it all. On top of that, buying a beat from Omari gets you free promotion on his SoundCloud channel with more than 40k followers.

Check out how Omari can virtually tickle the keys in the beat below.

For being a single man operation, Malek packs a strong punch. He has being making music is entire life and has worked with some big names in hip hop (such as Sean Kingston). Having participated in many nationwide beat making competitions, Malek has proven himself a talented and hardworking producer.

He touches just about every genre out there and does a great job with each. I’d recommend combing through his Ballads section! He’s got a great ear for quality and you will certainly find something work incorporating into your next project.

I recently wrote about SFR and I can’t help but do it again. They are a great studio and have offer a great sound for most genres they produce. Piano beats is no exception. They’ve got some lovely melodies and moving serenades that hit you right in the feels. If you’ve got a soulful, emotional track in the works, give theses piano ballads a listen.

Best Piano & Ballad Beats For Sale: Top 5 Producers To Buy From

Bach Beats is a great choice as well. Their clean website houses countless high-quality beats, one of which is almost sure to match what you have in mind. And if you can’t find one, they offer custom beat production. With all their music on the homepage, be sure to use the search bar to help find that perfect piano beat!

If you’ve read the other articles talking about online beat producers, then you’ve probably read about Abeato. This digital marketplace has some of the best producers selling their beats. It’s a meeting place of the best musician, coming together to collaborate and share their talents.

Abeato’s Ballad section is nothing less than gold, so head over there and scroll through the catalogue for your next heartbreaking hit.

Good luck with your music! Once you have all the pieces put together and have a finished song, Be sure to check out Omari MC’s promotion packages. The world wants to hear your music and Omari MC promotion is the best way to make that happen.




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