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How To Easily Get Free $OMARI In 2 Minutes

We've partnered with the Bonfire app to be able to quickly give you some free $OMARI to get your account started. Click the button to claim your coins.

We are giving away our own hard earned money. We ask that you respect this by not trying to claim the offer more than once per person with any fake accounts. Thank you.


$OMARI Coin Features


As more and more people adopt cryptocurrency, Omari MC is the FIRST music marketing agency to have our own coin. We are hosted through where hundreds of verified creators have their own branded cryptocurrencies

Exclusive Benefits

By getting $OMARI sooner vs. later, not only will you have the exclusive benefit of being early to our growing coin economy, but you will gain access to exclusive content, courses, private chats, and $RLY rewards

Trusted By Over 17,557 Artists 

ALL of our products & services will eventually be available to buy through $OMARI. We will allow this to ensure that our coin economy can grow through the purchasing power of our thousands of clients. We've promoted music for over 17,000 artists and counting

Easy Liquidity

Want to exchange your $OMARI for another crypto or back to fiat? The Rally system makes it super easy to transfer your coins back to cash. They are listed on some of the top, most wisely used exchanges in the world


How We Made Over $47K In Music Crypto Rewards & Why We're Launching $OMARI Coin

We've promoted music for over 17,000 artists so far across just about any and every genre you can think of. Why use fiat currency anymore when you can purchase the same promotion with $OMARI, hold some $OMARI so you can gain weekly $RLY rewards, and gain access to exclusive courses and music marketing mastermind chats that will only be available with $OMARI coin? Watch our full presentation to have all your questions answered.

Before we launched our own cryptocurrency on Rally, we were deep into the platform as fans! We've supported dozens of other creators on the platform and earned over 79,200 $RLY rewards (~$47,000 USD) in just a few months so far! That's why we know the ins and outs of Rally from the consumer side as well and will run you through both how the $OMARI and $RLY systems work so you can maximize your familiarity with the future of the music & creative industries as either a fan or creator.

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How Do I Purchase $OMARI Coin?

$OMARI coin is available for purchase at and can be bought a few different ways.

1. Credit/Debit Card

- Easiest method for new people to crypto, but does have card processing fees when purchasing (4%)

- Can only buy $500 maximum per purchase, so if you were buying larger promo campaigns, you would have to purchase multiple times with your card to fill up your $OMARI balance, then send that $OMARI to us for payments.

2. Pay With Coinbase Account On Rally

- Lower fees than credit/debit card purchases

- Can transfer other cryptos that are in your Coinbase into $OMARI coin

- No purchasing limit (if our coin does not have an existing daily buy limit on it)

3. Bridge in $RLY from your crypto wallet

- Good for purchasing larger amounts of $OMARI to save on processing fees. 

- We recommend purchasing through if you're buying over $2,000 worth of $OMARI or $RLY. You would then bridge in the $RLY to your account and transfer it from your $RLY balance to any creator coin you like.

Find out more about bridging in here:

How Do I Buy Music Promo & Other Services With $OMARI?

Watch our helpful video here or follow the steps below:

1. Create an account at

2. Buy Some $OMARI Coin Here With Credit Card, Coinbase account, or by converting $RLY from your balance to $OMARI

3. Be logged into your account and order from our crypto form here

What If I Want To Sell My $OMARI?

We won't take it personally. (Well, maybe a little) But you will easily be able to sell your $OMARI. To sell off any creator coin in your portfolio simply convert it back to your $RLY balance. You can then send that $RLY to your Coinbase account or ERC-20 wallet after completing a KYC and having an account that is at least 7 days old.

*There may be a couple states and countries where bridging out may not be available yet. PLEASE check this list for the most up to date information:

Is $OMARI Coin An Investment?

$OMARI Coin is NOT considered an investment. While there may be some benefits to owning the $OMARI coin, the primary purpose of the coin is to provide exclusive access to parts of the Omari brand. 

We are NOT licensed financial advisors and the information in any of our materials MUST be used for educational purposes only. Please consult your licensed financial & tax advisors for any questions related to investing or tax implications. 

What Do I Own With $OMARI Coin?

You do not own any equity stake in Omari MC, LLC, rather, you own stake in the exclusive cryptocurrency of Omari MC, LLC. Ownership of the coin includes the benefits of early entry, marketing courses provided by Omari MC, private marketing chats, access to $RLY rewards, and more as we grow our coin economy. 

Is There A Limit To How Much $OMARI I Can Buy?

Currently, we have a buy limit of $500/day. We are doing this to allow enough time for all who are interested to get in early, and we know there will be some people new to crypto that have more questions before they buy. 

You are free to purchase $500 every day until that limit is lifted. At some point within the next month or so, we will lift the buy limit completely and you will be able to purchase as much $OMARI as you want at any rate.

Why Would I Want $OMARI Over Fiat Currency?

We will still have all of products and services available through fiat currency, but there will be courses, $RLY rewards, mastermind groups, NFTs, and more that are only available through the $OMARI coin.

Instead of having your money sitting in some dusty bank account, you can put it to good use by becoming a member of the FIRST music marketing agency cryptocurrency. 

What Are $RLY Rewards?

Community Activity Rewards are an incentive designed to reward Creator communities who actively participate in the Rally Network. Communities earn rewards based on activity involving their Creator Coin. When rewards are earned by a community, $RLY will be rewarded to the community. For each community that earns rewards, each participant in a community will receive a share of $RLY proportional to their holdings of that community’s coin. The creator as well as fans thus all directly benefit.

What Is $OMARI Coin?

$OMARI coin is a cryptocurrency that is a part of the Rally network. We are the first music marketing agency to have our own cryptocurrency!

If I Have Another Question, Where Can I Ask It?

We recommend reading through the Rally Wiki for all other questions involving $RLY:

Rally Creator Coins & NFTs

Get Our Creator Coins & NFTs Course By Purchasing Promo With $OMARI Coin

If you watched our $OMARI presentation and want to know even more about how to optimize your creator coin & NFT knowledge and portfolio, you can get our course INCLUDED with your promo packages by purchasing them with $OMARI coin. We walk step-by-step through the Rally platform and how to maximize your support of creators and how the music industry will look in the future! Just purchase ANY available promo packages with $OMARI coin and you'll be instantly sent the course. 


How To Buy $OMARI Coin

$OMARI Coin can be bought in 3 ways on our page.

1. Buy with credit or debit card

2. Buy with any crypto or balance in your Coinbase account. (No buy limit per transaction when a creator does not have buy limits)

3. Buy $RLY on an exchange like Coinbase, Huobi Global, or Uniswap and bridge in the $RLY to from your digital wallet. (Best method to save on fees for purchasing large amounts)

Terms & Conditions For Products & Services Purchased Through $OMARI Coin

I am paying for the service of: Submitting a guaranteed track/order to You are not paying to have your song on any particular Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, or Instagram channel/playlist. You are paying for the time it takes to review the material, ebook, resources, feedback, and time for us to fulfill your campaign. Playlists/channels will request/post your song on a voluntarily basis.   

I understand my music must be clean (no cursing, misogyny/misandry, encouragement of drug use or violence, etc.)  

I understand that if my music is not clean I may edit it and resend for promotion, or send another song in replacement  

I understand Omari MC is not affiliated with Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Apple Music, or YouTube.  

Facebook/Instagram Ads Management Terms & Conditions

I understand my spot is NOT reserved until payment has been completed.  

I understand I am not guaranteed results of any earnings.  

I understand there are no partial refunds of payment once a campaign is started as the Omari team will need a full month to properly allow for results to I accumulate.  

I understand I may choose to disconnect my ad account at the end of the 30 days.  

I understand this payment is for 30 days of active ads management.  

I understand if I would like to continue after 30 days, I must reorder a package (you will not have to pay the setup fee twice).  

I understand Omari MC is not affiliated with Facebook or Instagram.  


*Here are some small samples of the playlists in our network. Obviously, we aren't able to share every single list for confidentiality reasons, but these are a handful of examples out of the hundreds of playlists we have in our network.*

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Contemporary Christian Music (33K Followers)

Louvores - Gospel (62K Followers)

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Clean Rap & RNB (25K Followers)

Top Hits From New Artists (20K Followers)

Chill Music (38K Followers)

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Today's Pop Hits (38K Followers)

Gaming Playlist & Workout Radio (23K Followers)

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Forest Gump Soundtrack (50K Followers)

Stagecoach (15K Followers)

Best of Country Hits (2K Followers)

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Acoustics For Relaxing (48K Followers)

Chill Music (9K Followers)

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Hard Rock Workout (70K Followers)

Rock Hits (5K Followers)

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Funky Songs Playlist (190K Followers)

Clean Rap & RNB (10K Followers)

[EDM/Future Bass] Melvin - Luv Again

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Top Hits From New Artists (20K Followers)

Electro-mania (6K Followers)

Best Workout Playlist (14K Followers)




[Hip Hop] K-Rich - We Workin  


[Hip Hop] Surve - Found My Way  

*Note: Songs may have ordered promotion from other sources as well. Small, medium, and large only denote the amount of promotion that was ordered from our service.  



With an already buzzing YouTube audience of over 400K+ subscribers, Kid Travis wanted his Instagram profile to start gaining some of that same traction.

While you can get some spill over audience from YouTube, Kid Travis knew that Instagram ad campaigns could boost his presence on IG even further!

He discovered that trying to run Instagram ads yourself vs. having us add our years of experience and expertise to them made a huge difference!

His main goal was to achieve new followers who are seriously interested in his journey as an artist.

Kid Travis already had amazing talent but needed to combine his music genius with some marketing expertise to get the best of both worlds.

We were able to bring out the heart of his music through paid ads by editing & optimizing his existing videos and properly researching and structuring his ad campaigns.

The end results: We were able to consistently and predictably gain followers averaging between $0.25-$0.35 per follower (including a bulk of the promotion being done in high cost English speaking countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, & Canada) resulting in around 4,000 new, engaged followers/month on Instagram.

Kid Travis Instagram:

Kid Travis YouTube:

*Note: Previous campaigns are not a guarantee for results in future campaigns. However, we do our best to ensure each client gets the best results possible.  


Countdown To $OMARI Coin Launch