Music in 2018: The Trends That Will Change Everything

Music in 2018: The Trends That Will Change Everything

Written by Jaron Lewis

As we know the masses are always ever waiting for their favorite artist's new release. New music can change the whole way a young society develops. It can change the way you look out at life and how things are going in your everyday.

We are always waiting for the next big hit, the next jam we can dance too and the next anthem we can sing too. Learning the words for our beloved rap artists like Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, or maybe you know your adored rock groups best guitar riff with your eyes closed. Current music trends govern the way we decide to play a new song or try out a new artist. So today we have looked into the music predictions of 2018 for you and prepared on an article on that subject.

Music Trends Inspire

Yes, what is sure is that music trends inspire people and have the power to even change a way the world is thinking. Do not believe me? Just look out how Drake has changed the Hip Hop game forever - making platinum albums with lyrics he, for the most part, did not write. The new music trends of 2018 will be groundbreaking that is for sure. So read on and learn about the predicted new music genres of 2018.

Trend Predictions

What you need to know when looking into the predictions of music and how trends develop is for the most part music follows cycles. These are cycles that seem to repeat every 10 years, sure there are stylistic differences and niches are born but you can always cement them back to a core genre. We find three phases that appear to repeat as follows:

1. Pop hits are at the top of the charts and Rock or R&B that has a more Pop feel to it.

2. Extreme move away from Pop music

3. All mainstream music is avoided

Why do these phases happen then? It is just the nature of life, people grow and taste changes. A new generation grows up and brings forward their views. And this change seems to be happening as we speak. There is no denying that 2017 started off with a dominance of mainstream Pop music like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. We saw the EDM trend emerge as a huge success through the likes of Zedd, kygo and David Guetta. But if you look at the charts and streaming platforms it is easy to see that these hottest pop inspired artists are starting to fall. The masses are shifting, and we can see the genre ready to take the place: Hip Hop.

Hip Hop artists are exploding, they are now dropping #1 albums and songs all over the planet and you can start to see their music played the most on the radio. We seem to be entering the second phase of the music cycles, where we move away from Pop music. Therefore the prediction for 2018 is that Hip Hop music and hip-hop inspired genre really flourish.



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