Hylynd – ‘Glory Halle’ (Hallelujah) 
(Streaming Royalty NFT) 

Each NFT in this collection includes rights to a percentage of the streaming royalties for the song, album, or EP listed on this page! 


Some loves are a once in a life time thing. They come along and feel like a “higher” love. So when Hylynd wrote ‘Glory Halle’ (Hallelujah), he wanted to use spiritual & religious vernacular to sketch an image of a romantic love. You can find other works by this artist using the social media and streaming buttons below.

The legal terms to this agreement can be found here.


Gold NFT

1% Streaming Royalty Ownership/Token




Diamond NFT

2% Streaming Royalty Ownership/Token



1 Free Show Ticket to select shows through December 31, 2023

First dibs on future NFT launches


Total % Of Streaming Royalties


Total NFTs In Collection


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What are the NFT royalty splits?

The artist/record label receives 70% of the primary NFT sale and Omari MC receives 30%. Additionally, 5% of the secondary royalty for NFT sales is allotted to the artist/label and 5% to Omari MC.

Where will the NFT be launched?

The NFT collection will be launched on Rally.io through $OMARI. You can take a look their NFT marketplace here and see the $OMARI token here.

Is this an investment opportunity?

NFTs should not be considered an investment opportunity. A NFT should be purchased because you value it for any variety of reasons, including to support your favorite artist/creator, or because you find the NFT aesthetically pleasing or exciting to own. The purpose of these NFTs is to enable you to be a part of the communities of your favorite artists and participate in the exclusive benefits that may come with your ownership of a creator’s NFT. There is no guarantee of any specific returns through the NFT nor the streaming royalties.

How can people pay for NFTs?

You can buy NFTs with credit/debit card, PayPal, or cryptocurrency. The following cryptocurrencies are currently accepted: BTC, ETH, USDC, DOGE, LTC, DAI, BCH. In the checkout form you will input your Rally.io username and we will transfer the NFT to your account within 1 business day (often sooner).

You will receive the transfer from our escrow account, @omarinfts, on Rally.io.

For allow list participants, you will have the option of purchasing NFTs with $OMARI inside your Rally.io account.

What blockchain will the NFTs be minted on?

They will be minted on an Ethereum sidechain.

How does the sidechain work?

The sidechain is effectively a Proof of Authority (PoA) network run on Rally.io: while the Rally.io sidechain verifies at the transaction level, the decentralized $RLY community of more than 40,000 $RLY token holders guides the project at the network level. We believe this provides for the right balance of decentralized, community ownership of a project, while still providing the efficiency and ease of use that is necessary to provide a user-friendly crypto product for a consumer audience.

What is the environmental impact of these NFTs?

The sidechain is effectively a Proof of Authority (PoA) network run on Rally.io: while the Rally.io sidechain verifies at the transaction level, the decentralized $RLY community of more than 40,000 $RLY token holders guides the project at the network level. We believe this provides for the right balance of decentralized, community ownership of a project, while still providing the efficiency and ease of use that is necessary to provide a user-friendly crypto product for a consumer audience.

Can I return a NFT I purchased? 

No. Because these are digital assets, there are no refunds or returns once you have purchased a NFT.  All sales are final, so please carefully review your order before purchasing.

Is there a limit to how many NFTs I can buy?

Currently, there are no per-user purchase limits  (ie. one user can purchase as many NFT editions as they want).

Can I bridge out my purchased NFT to sell on another secondary marketplace? 

No, there is currently no ability to bridge out a NFT from the Rally.io sidechain to Ethereum wallets. Note that this feature is in the roadmap to enable.

If I purchased a NFT that was priced in $OMARI, can I sell it on the marketplace in $RLY or another currency? 

No, once the creator mints a NFT and locks in a currency - either Creator Coin or $RLY - that is the only currency that it can be sold as. So on the secondary marketplace, it can be sold in either Creator Coin or $RLY depending on what the original locked currency was. Currently, NFTs only support selling in a creator’s Coin although enabling selling through $RLY is on the roadmap.

When can I sell my NFT on the marketplace? 

NFT owners will need to wait 48 hours after receiving the NFT before they are allowed to put their NFT up for sale.

How soon will I receive streaming royalty payments?

This depends on the distribution service used by the artist. This could take anywhere from 3-6 months for the initial and subsequent payment distributions. 

How will I be paid the streaming royalties?

All streaming royalties will be sent to your Rally.io portfolio in the form of $OMARI. It will be the USD equivalent at the time of distribution. Whoever owns the NFT at the time of distribution will receive the full royalty share payment for the period. You can create a Rally account here.

If I have another question, where can I ask it?

You can send all questions to https://www.omarimc.com/contact


What is $OMARI Coin?

$OMARI coin is a cryptocurrency that is a part of the Rally network. We are the first music marketing agency to have their own cryptocurrency!

$OMARI coin is used to pay for all Song Tokens in the Omari NFT Marketplace as well as the distribution payments for song royalties to NFT owners. 

What makes $OMARI Coin valuable?

Being the exclusive currency of omarimc.com means that $OMARI coin is used for transactions on a regular basis.

Omari MC specializes in music marketing and strategy for thousands of artists across the world. 

To date, the company has made over $5,000,000 in gross revenue to date with growth every year since inception. 

Sales totaled over $2.5 million in 2021 alone. 

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1. Create an account at Rally.io using our affiliate link: https://rally.io/signup/?referral=OMARI-1

2. Confirm your email address in the link Rally sends you.

3. That's it! We can see all the people who signed up using our affiliate link and will send you free social tokens within 1 business day to get your account started.

Will I receive $RLY rewards if I buy $OMARI coin?

We can't guarantee that our coin will distribute $RLY rewards every week.

However, since we launched in October 2021, our community has earned over 700,000 $RLY in rewards. Whatever percentage of the coin you own is how much you'll receive in those rewards.

If you want to own more than just the $OMARI we give you at sign up, you can easily buy more at this link:


What can I do with my $RLY rewards?

1. You can sell them on a crypto exchange for cash by following the instructions here.

2. You can use them to buy products & services from creators on Rally.

3. You can buy more creator coins to increase your equity in communities to earn even more rewards.

We personally roll our rewards into creator economies with solid track records.

You can look at the $RLY activity chart of a coin to see their growth.

While we're obviously biased on $OMARI, it's for good reason. The coin is actively used as a currency for musicians and it has a solid track record since launch.

Feel free to do your own research by looking at the activity chart here:


$OMARI is not the only solid coin on the platform. There are hundreds to choose from. Diversifying your funds into solid economies is what we do.

Social Token FAQ's

What are social tokens?

Social tokens are a form of cryptocurrency that represents a brand, individual, or community. The exact utility of a social token can vary depending on the network and/or the creator that it represents.

For example, a musician can say that they are giving 50% of their song royalties to their social token community. 

Are social tokens investments?

No, the value of a Coin is not in their investment potential, and fans and followers of creators buy them for very different purposes. Coins are used to power the digital economies of creators as cryptocurrencies used to tip and pay for services, merchandise, special content, or other benefits offered by the creators who launch them, and also as digital tokens to provide intrinsic value to holders by giving them exclusive engagement opportunities with their creators—like a digital fan club. Purchasing them and holding them passively as investments does not fulfill the purpose or promise of a Coin.

With this being said, it is entirely possible that fans and creators can make money while buying, selling, and holding creator coins.

Please consult your tax or financial advisor for any investment advice or tax implications. No legal, tax, or financial advice is being given from Social Token News.

How do I create my own social token?

We recommend you apply for your own Coin with Rally.io here. Please note that Rally still operates by invitation only at the moment, and we have limited launch capacity to ensure every creator’s launch is successful. 

What's the difference between social tokens & NFTs?

Social tokens and NFTs are meant to compliment each other with the social token being the basis of the entire community. The NFT can be used as a layer on top of the social token.

Let's say your favorite musician launches a social token. We'll call it $MUSIC coin. If fans own music coin, they can get access to private Discord channels, meet-and-greet opportunities, exclusive merch, ticket raffles for concerts, etc. 

$MUSIC coin could also sell NFTs that give rights to song royalties. They could make their NFTs exclusively available to buy in $MUSIC coin rather than buying in $ETH, $SOL, $MATIC, etc.

In this way, fans who aren't able to buy the NFT can still benefit from owning $MUSIC coin, but the fans who buy the NFT can get even more benefits. 

What a creator does with the structure of their economy is entirely up to them.

If I have another question, where can I ask it?

Follow our social channels (listed in the footer of the page) and send us a message or comment. We are always happy to educate in this exciting new space!

Rally.io FAQ's

What Is $RLY?

$RLY is the governance token for the RLY Network, meaning $RLY holders can vote on network-level proposals and policies. It can be bridged from the Ethereum mainnet to the Rally sidechain since it’s an ERC-20 token.

Whenever you buy ownership in a creator coin on Rally, you are using $RLY to pay for it.

For example, if you use your credit card to buy some $OMARI coin at https://rally.io/creator/OMARI/, that money is actually simultaneously buying $RLY then transferring that $RLY into $OMARI coin. 

The price of $RLY affects the price of all coins on the platform.

How do creators make money from Rally.io?

Coins unlock an economy around the creator’s community by tapping into new methods of platform-agnostic monetization. Not only does it create an engaged community, whose members can spend their creator’s Coin to get exclusive access to content, events, and merch, but they also enable creators to monetize without paying high platform fees. Creators and their community are also able to earn weekly network community rewards in the form of $RLY when their Coin economy is highly engaged.

How do fans make money from Rally.io?

While coins on Rally are not legally considered an investment, you can make money from the platform. If you put money into a coin and it goes up in value, you are able to sell your coin (convert it back to $RLY) and then sell the $RLY on a number of different crypto exchanges (Coinbase, Gemini, Kucoin, Gate.io, etc.)

Fans can also earn $RLY rewards by supporting highly engaged coins on Rally. There is no limit to the number of coins you are allowed to support. 

You can see how many rewards Rally distributes every week here.

Why do we feel Rally is the best social token platform for web 3.0?

Unlike many other social token platforms, Rally has a robust rewards system. They have given out 10's of millions of dollars in rewards in 2021 alone. 50% of their supply is allocated to community rewards.

Community over Company: Rally is a decentralized network, so decisions are made by the community, for the community.

Secure and solid: Founded by top talent from across the industry, who spent 3+ years and $50M+ building the platform to make the most advanced and robust security infrastructure.

Easy and rewarding: No crypto knowledge is required to manage, buy, or sell. Fans can buy Coins within minutes with just a credit card and no platform fees, gaining exclusive access and benefits with their creators.

How do I buy coins on Rally?

First, create an account with Rally here. Once the account is created, find the creator’s page and hit the “Buy” button. Purchases may be made using a credit/debit card or major cryptocurrencies, including $RLY.

How do I sell coins on Rally?

To sell a Coin, do the following:

  1. Go to the coin page for the coin you want to sell.
  2. Click the My Wallet tab.
  3. Under My Quantity, click Convert. A window opens to assist your sale.
    • If you have not already verified your identity through KYC, you will be asked to do so before you can convert to $RLY. If you’d like to complete KYC before this step, go to the Security tab of Settings to initiate.
  4. Make sure the coin you are selling is in the top From section and the $RLY token is in the bottom To section.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Type the amount of the coin you want to sell in number of coins or USD amount. You can click the percentage or Max (all) options for a quicker solution.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Review your sale and then click Convert. The process takes up to a few minutes. The amount will be deposited into the $RLY area of your Portfolio.

After the $RLY is in your Portfolio, you can buy another coin using the Convert feature or withdraw the $RLY from the system using Bridge Out.

If I have more questions, where should I go?

You can find a full list of extensive questions at the Rally.io wiki page:


We also advise joining their Discord channel:



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Here are a few advertisement examples that helped us generate these results  



Here are a few examples of the IG ads that helped us achieve this goal.


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