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Rally Token Review: Changing The Creator Economy Forever

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Written by Ramsey Brown. 

It seems impossible in today's digital world not to be affected by cryptocurrency in one way or another. Be it Bitcoin, which is considered to be the father of all cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, which is famous for leading the world of smart contracts, Dogecoin, which is preferred by space-facing techno kings of the business world, or any other thousands of Altcoins that have popped up on the crypto market in recent years. 

Crypto is everywhere around us and it wouldn't be wrong to call in the most misunderstood currency on the earth. You’ve probably seen it being talked about all over your social media, or even heard some of your favorite celebrities and musicians touting about it.  Agree with it or not, cryptocurrency is not going anywhere anytime soon. As a matter of fact—it is going to get even more complicated and noisier than it is now. 

We are not far from where we will have millions of more Altcoins for almost everyone and everything. Instances like using crypto to purchase concert tickets, build fanbases, and fund physical and virtual events have already begun coming to fruition. Now in most recent crypto advancements, if you are an influential creator with a decent sized following, you can even launch your own personal crypto-coin and have your brand become a form of cryptocurrency within itself. 

Sounds pretty mind-boggling, right? Well, this is all powered by the blockchain and possible through a San Francisco based open platform, Rally. This crypto exchange company has set out to establish a sustainable form of revenue solely for creators, influencers, celebrities, and brands that rewards and builds the fans and communities surrounding them. Through a decentralized monetization system, creatives can launch their own independent economies and engage with their fanbase like never before. 

Rally has a goal to provide creators with an opportunity boost for building their own successful line of business. Rally can be thought of as a side chain to the main Ethereum blockchain, as it offers ER-20 tokens which are easily converted into Ethereum—and ultimately can be converted into any form of currency.

What Is Rally Token & Creator Coins?

As we mentioned above, Rally is a network that promotes creators, artists, and musicians. Anybody who has a good social following can now build an economy of their own in order to earn money and grow their fan communities. So what does this actually mean and how does it all work? 

The creators on Rally already have a decent amount of followers and a sense of community behind them. Those followers are people who love their work, get excited by their content, and continuously show their support to the artist. Now through the launch of this platform, creators can show their gratitude for their fans' loyalty through Rally tokens, or creator coins.

This value system is a way for creators to engage with fans and incentive or reward their most hard core followers.  Because Rally is a decentralized platform completely governed by the community, creators have complete control over how they want to use their tokens across all social platforms. Fans who purchase or hold these creator coins can use them to gain access to benefits like unreleased content, private groups, ticket pre-sales, one on one chats with artists, exclusive merch, and much more—all while showing their loyalty to their favorite creators.

This drives fan engagement and community involvement to the next level. Yes, fans can purchase these coins, but they can also be given out by the creator to reward those who support them the most. Think of it like the ultimate fan club, but the loyalty points is actually cryptocurrency.

One of Rally’s early adapters is alternative rock band, Portugal. The Man. The band announced the launch of their own cryptocurrency (PTM coin) through Rally, where fans can buy or earn coins to access unreleased music, special merch and vinyl drops, live fan to band video and text chats, plus more.

Rally has quickly infiltrated the entertainment and creative sector with no signs of slowing down. The platform has many creators, artists, influencers, celebrities, community leaders, and brands who have already launched their own token. Famous soccer player Keisuke Honda, international Esports business Gen G, NFT artist and musician Scrilla, and famous Twitch streamer Alliestraza are just some of the figures on Rally who have begun building their own social economy. 

Each of these creators now have the opportunity to directly engage with their fans, continue growing their networks, and increase their revenue or allocate the funds to charities—which many of them have chosen to do. Rally also allows you to keep full rights of your brand and puts zero limitations on how you or your community can use the coin.

How Do Rally Tokens Work?

As we mentioned, Rally is an open access platform and the Rally token works across almost all social platforms, which makes it most effective. The concept is fairly simple and to break it down even further, think of it as a 3 step process: 

Step 1: Creators which are influencers, artists, streamers, content creators, musicians, etc, launch their cryptocurrency through the Rally platform. 

Step 2: Creators then drive community participation by rewarding their most loyal fans with coins. Additionally, their fans can also purchase their coins if they wish to. Coins are a way to engage fans and keep them motivated to participate. 

Step 3: Fans can use these coins in several ways or they can even opt to hold those coins. They can use their coins to get exclusive access to classified communities, content, and digital goods.

What Makes Rally Unique?

What makes Rally token a unique process is that it is not limited to any single monetization method or any single platform. It is an innovative and interactive fan club experience where fans can interact with stars and be a direct participant of the creators economy. There is simply no limit to how and where a creator or his community can use the coins.

Rally also promotes learning from those creators who have outperformed others. Rally invites creators who have performed really well and they can share their experiences about how they are utilizing their coins. This not only encourages creators to learn from one another but also promotes the healthy growth of the network. 

In addition to this, a weekly community call is hosted by the Rally platform every Friday where every creator is invited to participate. The purpose of this weekly community call is to listen to the stories of other creators and what methods they are using to engage with their fans and grow their economies.

It would not be wrong to say that Rally has provided all possible ways to encourage creators and boost their income and fanbase, all while giving them independent control over their brand.

Why Use Rally Token?

  • Grow Your Business With the Help of Your Own Economy

Rally gives its creators full control over their monetization potential. The tokens can be integrated by the creators into the community in several ways depending on their creativity. There is absolutely no limit to how far a creator can go in achieving his goals. Since Rally works with almost all social platforms, creators have access to a huge fanbase which gives them endless opportunities to enhance their Rally token value.

  • No Fees for Rally Token

At the moment Rally is not charging any fee to the creators for creating a creator coin. Additionally, no transaction charges are cut from any of the transactions executed between the creator and the fans. 

  • Earn Money with Rally Token

Rally token creator economy works just like the real economy. They can grow their communities in multiple ways such as earning weekly rewards that will be directly deposited in the economy of the creator. Rewards like this are meant to boost the economy of creators for their contribution to help fuel the network. 

  • Redeem Your Coins Anytime

The whole concept behind Rally token and creator coins is that the creators can earn real money. At any time they can convert a portion or all of their cryptocurrency into physical currency such as USD or EUR. This is achieved with the help of Rally integration with companies such as Ethereum, Uniswap, and Uphold to make the process easy and convenient for the creators. 

  • Increasing Creator Value

The more the value of the creator coin, the more the creator will earn. The value of the creator coin is determined by the supply and demand of the coin, the pattern the coin is being used or earned by the fans, and transaction style. 

Wrapping Up

Creator coins give fans an opportunity to buy a piece of their favorite creator's economy and become part of their community. Fans can show their loyalty and support towards their favorite artists by owning, holding, tipping, and transacting with the creator's coins. In return, they are rewarded by the creators with more coins, that they can then purchase different content and features offered by the creator.  The life-cycle of the coin constantly stays within Rally and essentially goes back and forth from the creator to the fan until the creator chooses to cash it out. 

It is very important to note that creator coins are not only limited to fan to creator or creator to fan engagement. They can be used by the fans to interact, engage, and reward to carry out a fan to fan transaction. Additionally, fans can also use these coins to reward other fans.

We at Omari MC believe that creator coin is going to be a game-changer in the future of the entertainment world. These coins not only empower the content creators, influencers, streamers, and musicians to help build a marketplace of their own, but it allows for an improved fan to artist experience that will ultimately grow the creator’s overall brand, following, and value. 

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