Facebook & IG Ads Course For Musicians

How we used Facebook & IG ads to help us earn over $1,051,719 in the music business

Sep 2018 Monthly Sales

Oct 2019 Monthly Sales

😔 Our music business sales from September 2018: $12,122/month

Our music business sales from October 2019: $123,181/month 🎶📈

We 10X’ed in 13 months. Not just from small numbers like $100 to $1,000, but to over $123,000 in one month… In the music business of all places.

How long would it take you to spend $100,000 in ads for your music? Seriously… I’m asking you. 1 year, 2 years, 3 years... 

Would you say that after you spend that $100,000, you would probably know a lot more about advertising your music career than before you spent the $100,000?

I would certainly hope so. 

Now take that 3 years worth of knowledge and time it took you to gain the advertising expertise, and imagine someone says they’ll give you this knowledge that you can consume within 13 videos. 

You spend 2 days consuming the knowledge vs. 3 years trying to do it by yourself. 

Imagine how much quicker you can grow your music career.

By the way, that $100,000 in ad spend helped push us past over $1,000,000 in lifetime revenue in our music business.

We’re not guaranteeing you’ll make that much, but we do know there are a BUNCH of things you learn after making $123,000 in one month that you just wouldn’t know if you hadn’t done it.

Today, you can access to this video walk-through course for a fraction of what it took us to learn this information with ads.

Ask Yourself...

  • Do you really think there's not knowledge we can pass on to you with over $100,000 in ad spend?

    “I know how to do Facebook ads.” We’re not saying you don’t, but you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s what we learned on our journey to $1,000,000 in lifetime sales. It’s way more cost effective to take the shortcut and learn from our mistakes and successes.

  • $123k/month in sales speaks for itself

    If you’re skeptical, we get it. That’s why we’ve ditched our ‘opinions’ and go straight to the results. You don’t need our opinion on Facebook & IG ads in music. You need to know our report on our results and EXACTLY what we did to get there. That’s what this course is about.



What exactly does this course include?

  • How to structure campaigns for proper scaling so that when you spend more money, you can keep your returns consistent
  • Which audiences are the most valuable to create
  • How to cross reference the right sections in Google Analytics with Facebook ads manager to scale up the right sub-section of ads
  • What type of ads you should be making on Facebook & IG
  • How to write Ad Copy that actually gets your listeners attention
  • How to automate the entire ad checking process

How Is This Course Different From Others?

Not many people in the independent music business can say they’ve brought in $123,000/month in revenue (without running any major sales). Clearly, there is something that is seriously working with our ads. We’re just sharing the knowledge in this course.

How Long Is The Course?

The course includes 13 videos. It takes longer to implement the material than watch the videos, but you can typically start to make these changes to your ad structure almost instantly.

Is There A Refund Policy?

There isn’t. We know that what we do works because we do it everyday and have the numbers to back it up. This course isn’t just for those who want to browse around and not do anything. If you’re ready to get off your butt and make some changes, this course is for you. If you’re lazy and want the results to come easily, this course isn’t for you.


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