The 11 Best Music Blogs You Need To Subscribe To For 2018

The 11 Best Music Blogs You Need To Subscribe To For 2018

Written by Jaron Lewis

There is so much great music out there these days, from independents to major bands and record labels, and cutting through the noise to find stuff you enjoy can be really difficult. The top chart lists are always expanding and diversifying to make room for the sheer influx of music, and it can get overwhelming at times. Following a music blog can be a great way to find out about independent artists and successful D.I.Y. musicians.

The best music blogs for 2017 may well turn into the best music blogs for 2018, although it’s always worth finding out what’s new in the music world, trying out something different, and looking around at the enormous variety which exists online. You could branch out into new music genres or find some top indie music blogs, any of which might lead you to a new favourite song or artist with just the click of a button.

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The Top 11

1) If hip hop is your thing, why not try out All Hiphop, a blog which is, unsurprisingly, dedicated to collecting up news and information about the hip hop world and gathering it into one place.

2) You could also check out GoldFlakePaint, a website which features newly emerging artists, with interviews and blogs so you can get to know them.

3) Harder Blogger Faster is always at the top of the game, discussing both new and well-established artists, covering the industry’s news, and reviewing music and musicians. They showcase premieres, post interviews, and provide great content on all the most fashionable streams and downloads.

4) The Wild Honey Pie is a blog featuring a wide range of music, discussing the covers, the sounds, and the bands behind them so you get a brief but helpful overview of everything you listen to.

5) Drowned In Sound cover festival music in their blog, talking about up-and-coming acts which you won’t want to miss, as well as interviewing artists and adding an ethical twist; they’re currently covering a series of gigs which were put on to raise money for Amnesty International, and they discuss how important it is to raise awareness for the plight of refugees.

6) Stereogum present themselves like an online newspaper, with lots of pictures leading to articles, a ‘most viewed’ section, and up-to-date news on artists.

7) The Blue Walrus leans towards alternative music, gathering a motley collection of artists and songs which are off the beaten track.

8) This Must Be Pop discuss and promote – as you may have guessed – pop music, looking at emerging talent and industry news.

9) We Plug Good Music gather new music from around the world, featuring album reviews, commentaries, and music recommendations for you to try.

10) You could also try out Pitchfork, which features songs and descriptions, giving you some context for the album you’re listening to, and letting you get to know the artists. It also provides articles and lists of best new songs.

11) Dancing Astronaut follows the newspaper look and even includes some mainstream news amongst their articles about festivals and top music picks.



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