The 11 Best Undiscovered Music Playlists You'll Ever Hear

The 11 Best Undiscovered Music Playlists You'll Ever Hear

Written by Jaron Lewis

Listing to Top 40 songs is great but every once in a while you should check out new, up and coming artists that are producing great independent tracks. We have found so many undiscovered songs this way from the best undiscovered artists.

It’s cool now to be different and to listen to awesome unknown songs from various genres that you may not have thought to listen to the in the past. If you are looking for that new sound with undiscovered artists checkout the Add This Music Spotify page for plenty of Spotify playlists across all genres.

Spotify is all the rage right now to find undiscovered music playlists but if you are broke or don’t want to pay for the subscription you can still find great playlists to listen to for free. The downside is that you may not be able to listen to the entire track for free. But, you can get a good taste of the music and choose whether or not the buy it from there.

For some of the best undiscovered artists you can just vibe to and enjoy the tunes, this is the playlist you want to be listening to. Artists here include:

  •        Omari Mc
  •        Sean C. Johnson
  •        Big Mike
  •        glibs

This one is updated daily with the latest and greatest independent artists from Spotify so drop by often for the newest music from epic talent. Musical talent on this list includes:

  •        The Wet Secrets
  •        Trust Fund
  •        Tonetta
  •        Black Rivers

A playlist that incorporates literally the best indie music EVER! The best part about this is that there will be something for everyone on this list because it encompasses music from all timeframes and many genres. Personally, I love this list the most! Artists featured here include:

  •        The Cure
  •        The Cranberries
  •        The B-52s
  •        Crash Test Dummies

This an alternative type list with two hundred seventeen tracks and almost three full hours of music! Featured artists here include:

  •        Wild Smiles
  •        Pond
  •        TR/ST
  •        Warm Soda

Music from the 80’s included pop, metal, rap, and disco. Big hair and Walkmans, music with plenty of treble and very little bass are reminiscent of the 80s that we all know and love. Take a walk down memory lane with this playlist that includes:

  •        The Smiths
  •        New Model Army
  •        The Stone Roses
  •        Pixies

90’s kids will absolutely love this one! The 90s was an era of mixed tastes and crazy clothing with a great variety of music. Featured artists include:

  •        16 Horsepower
  •        Tori Amos
  •        The Lemonheads
  •        Type O Negative

This has my favorite Scottish and Irish folk songs, African folk songs, and traditional American folk songs that have carried on through generations now. Some of these songs are recent renditions and some are classic favorites. Artists featured here are:

  •        Big Country
  •        Khaled
  •        The Coors
  •        Fleet Foxes

Almost nine hours of relaxing music will take you away so sit down and daydream with this great list of tunes. Featured artists here include:

  •        Blur
  •        Band of Horses
  •        Hothouse Flowers
  •        Nick Drake

On the flip side of the Daydreaming playlist, Dark and Desolate will help those in a somber mood. Great list to get ready for autumn and winter months ahead. Featured artists here include:

  •        SX
  •        I Am Oak
  •        The Jam
  •        Warhaus

Lay around on Sunday and listen to some lazy tunes to get your Sunday started off right. Featured here are the following artists:

  •        Dan Sultan
  •        Alex Turner
  •        The Shins
  •        Sea Wolf

HUGE list of Indie music that will last you for days! And so many genres are included on this list. Check out the following artists:

  •        Villagers
  •        Nap Eyes
  •        Send Medicine
  •        Sunflower Bean



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