The Best Female Rappers That Haven’t Been Discovered Yet

The Best Female Rappers That Haven’t Been Discovered Yet

Written by Jaron Lewis & Omari MC

There are no end of big name rappers that have changed the face of hip-hop over the years. From Lupe Fiasco to Lecrae; Common to Chance The Rapper; Rap is an ever changing game, newcomers are always joining the scene and rising to the top. Some don’t have the power to stay.

But all too often great talent never gets discovered in the first place. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best new female rappers of 2017, and a few more that you should be listening to this year.

Based out of South Africa, Eden Myrrh is both a singer and producer. She was featured on Skrip’s song "Come With Me" last summer and "A Better Way" on his upcoming album Renegades Never Die.

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Also, goes by her real name Jessica Dissu. This Chicago activist gained some recognition when she publicly spoke up for police abolition on Fox news. Her lyrics speak of serious humanitarian issues, they serve to educate and inspire. As one of the few clean female rappers, her tracks are refreshingly free of expletives.

Florida-based emcee Sicily is the owner of Run with Zeal Records and is determined to leave a footprint on culture. She won's first annual Beat Battle at Flavor Fest.

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Los Angeles native Torch is one half of the hip-hop group Blood Ransom and a member of the kingdom-based collective Heavenly Rockstar International. Beleaf of Kings Dream featured her on the song "Wings" off his 2014 album Red Pills + Black Sugar.

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New York native Angie Rose provides versatility, being both a rapper and singer. She is best known for her ability to freestyle.

Her first single "Wanna Be" was released last September with the help of Aktiv Beats and JahRock'n Productions.

The Greensboro, N.C. native started her musical journey as a nine year old with a passion for lyrics and piano. Today, she still carries that passion. However, this musical gift comes along with a passion to tell the world about Christ.



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