The Rap and Hip Hop Music Trends of 2018 You Need To Keep In Mind

The Rap and Hip Hop Music Trends of 2018 You Need To Keep In Mind

Written by Jaron Lewis

When it comes to Rap and Hip Hop music everyone has their opinion and passions. It has shaped whole cultures and becomes a staple of your identity, you might follow mainstream artists or indie artists but at the end of the day, you follow them for your love of Rap and Hip Hop.

As we know the music industry always follows the trends and niches in the society, which leads to more apparent trends in hip-hop music. I am sure you are all wondering what trends of 2018 you need to be on the lookout for and how you can stay ahead of the crowd. The rap trends of 2017 have been game-changing and set the genre up to explode even further this year.

The Year Of Mumble Rap

As we know hip-hop has now been around for over 4 decades forming fashion and even causing new words to be added to the dictionary and become mainstream. With artists like Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert and Designer making Mumble rap the new genre of 2017, what will be the next new trends in hip-hop music?

What will be the next collaborations with even cooler beats and rhythm to form new and out their trends in the music industry, what we know for sure is 2018 will definitely be a new golden age for rap and hip-hop music.

Music Will Be Released When You Least Expect It

With mixtapes being dropped for free and music being released on different platforms every day, it will be interesting to follow the new rap trends for releasing new tracks in 2018.

Will Spotify and Apple continue to dominate the streaming landscape or will a new player come into the market? Google music is always there as well in the mix, and Amazon is aggressively entering the competitive music industry. Always be on the lookout for new ways to buy your favorite tracks.

Experiential Will Continue To Emerge

It definitely was a trend of 2017, to truly experience your rap and hip-hop in the moment. Many artists were flocking to this idea and we predict it will continue to grow. And even big companies like Red Bull and Heineken have been pioneering new ways to make experiential music, that you enjoy your music while also enjoying their brand. Expect big household brands to be making deals and collaborations with new emerging Rap artists.

Drake Will Still Be Drake

No matter what you think of Drake there is no denying he will still be dropping album after album in 2018. He boasts billions of plays over multiple platforms and the public keep loving his music. If your out in the club expect to hear Drake songs wherever you go. The Canadian rapper will definitely still be making some new rap trends during 2018.

The South On The Rise?

With the success of Boosie and his story of creating timeless music. The sound of the south will definitely be creating a new music industry niche during 2018.



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