The Unquestionable Top 20 EDM Producers (That Don’t Get Enough Recognition)

The Unquestionable Top 20 EDM Producers (That Don’t Get Enough Recognition)

Written by Jaron Lewis

Electronic Dance Music is in a league of its own and some of the biggest and best names are making waves in the music industry as a result of this. Having said that, there are plenty of producers that are getting nowhere near the credit they deserve. Well we’ve compiled a list of electronic music producers that contain some of the top EDM producers 2017 and some top EDM artists 2018 to keep your eyes open for. So buckle in and enjoy because your mind is about to be blown.

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The Top 20

  1. K?d – Touring festivals and the world, this lad gets you on your feet and dancing without even trying.
  2. Goshfather – He’s worked with the best and now he’s bringing out his own music, and it’s music worth listening to.
  3. Slushii He might be young but his use of heavy bass and upbeat tempos are creating a name for himself.
  4. Steve James – He might have only burst onto the scene 2 years ago but he’s done it in style, collaborating with Justin Bieber and Martin Garrix.
  5. Kandy – Having worked the scene with gigs and touring, he just loves where music can take us all.
  6. Joyryde – Nothing makes people get up and dance like some of Joyryde’s awesome beats.
  7. Lione Taking the beauty of the world around him and turning into sounds, this is feel good music at its best.
  8. High Kalliber – Specialising in DnB, Atlanta has reason to be very proud of this rising star.
  9. Fatherdude – Having started in the world of vocals, he has made a smooth transition to producer and it suits him well.
  10. Oolacile – There’s heavy and then there’s Oolacile and oh boy, does it sound good.
  11. Alon Mor – Bringing all kinds of class to the EDM scene, he’s a revolution in waiting.
  12. Petit Biscuit – Don’t let his youthful looks trick you, this guy knows his way around EDM better than most of us know our own homes.
  13. No Mana – Tearing out remixes like there no tomorrow, the pure joy this music brings just cannot be argued with.
  14. Mike Williams – Having worked alongside some of the biggest names in EDM, he’s in a league of his own when it comes to new tunes.
  15. A Boy & a Girl – Not for the fainthearted, this outfit are tearing up the rulebook and releasing music like has never been heard before.
  16. PRXZM – As synth pop goes, this duo will get you grooving until the sun comes up.
  17. Hotel Garuda – Their remixes are in w league of their own and their diverse sound is both unique and electrifying.
  18. Ducky – Living the high life in a world of her own, her music is like nothing else out there and it’s completely amazing.
  19. Subtact – A stunning combination of the old and the new, music is in his bones and you can hear it through the songs he releases.
  20. MYRNE – Blending pure energy with smooth R&B, this music will chill you to the core while making you dance. Pure bliss.



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