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The ONLY 5 Ways Music Artists Will Survive The AI Revolution

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  1. Don’t be naive enough to think that AI will never sound exactly like human rappers or singers. It can and it will only get better in time.
  2. Don’t panic… if you actually do the things we advise in this article, your chances of success will heighten as AI gets more advanced.
  3. Time is a factor. AI singers are already extremely good and rappers will be soon too. The more time you let go by without executing on a strategy, the more you’ll make yourself irrelevant.

1. Don’t Fight The AI

If you want to run to Daddy government and tell them they need to ban A.I. so that we can keep everything exactly as it is now, this article isn’t for you.

Artists need to be thinking of how they can take advantage of A.I., not cry on social media comments about it.

While everyone who loves to coddle themselves with fear is running around thinking this is the end of the creative arts, think about how you can 10X your productivity using A.I.

2. Use AI Songwriters To Create Lyrics Faster

Chat GPT may not be producing unique song lyrics at the moment as they don’t offer a plagiarism free guarantee. However, you can use a service like Rytr, Jasper, Lyric Studio, or find a different A.I. tool on a marketplace like Appsumo.

These days, it serves you well to be releasing a single every week. With assistance from AI, this is now possible for just about anybody with a home studio and an internet connection.

3. License Your Voice Using AI

Another unpopular opinion, but here goes… people can copy your voice using A.I. if they want to. Why not do a professional A.I. version of your singing or rapping and get paid every time someone downloads your voice profile?

You can literally collaborate with anyone in the world, 24/7. You can apply with companies like Uberduck and we’re sure there will be plenty of others that offer this service.

Plus, let’s say you get sick or your voice is sore, but you still want to create songs. Use the A.I.

4. Create Custom Songs and Jingles for Companies Using AI

When you don’t have to create the instrumentals, songwriting and singing entirely from scratch, you can crank out custom songs much quicker.

Create a profile on Fiverr or make your own site to take orders.

If you were already talented at music production, AI simply brings everything together in a much quicker way.

5. Master Your Marketing Funnel and Ad Spend

You MUST have an efficient go to market strategy. There are already 100,000 songs being uploaded to Spotify per day. Imagine how much more that number goes up in 3 to 5 years with AI. Here’s how you can spend your marketing budget to maximize efficiency.

30% of your marketing budget to IG & Facebook Ads. A good chunk of this should be traffic directed at your website so that you can sell products & services to have more control over your revenue. If you don’t have a website, you need one. You DO NOT own your IG page, TikTok account, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify or anything else on social media. The companies own the product. You need to be spending most of your budget sending to people to something you own. Your website. Look through our list of website builders here.

Once you’ve got a good website, then it’s time to send targeted traffic there. Click here for Facebook & IG ads management

20-30% of your marketing budget to YouTube/Google. Again, a good bit of these ads should be directed towards your website. Click here for YouTube music promotion

15-20% of marketing budget to Spotify Playlisting. When people see your Spotify profile, perception can become reality. If it looks like a ghost town there, they may perceive the music differently. Vanity or not, the more buzz something already has the more likely people are to gravitate towards it. This will have an indirect return on investment when combined with the two steps above. Click here for Spotify playlist pitching

The remaining budget towards SEO, TikTok, Microsoft, or other platforms (Apple Music, Snapchat, Gab, Twitter, etc.) You ALWAYS want to be innovative in marketing. If your primary audience is on one of the lesser used social media platforms, test out ads there. Businesses that innovate get the reward of not only surviving, but thriving even when their competition starts to fall. Click here for Tik Tok promotion


The ugly truth? If you don’t have a legitimate promotion plan in place, you’re doing music as a hobby. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you can’t expect to be a full-time artist without a promotion budget or knowledge on how to build your music business.

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