• Review Awesome New Music

    You’ll hear music from some of the top indie and major artists in the world! We’ve worked with companies like Spinnin Records, Warner Music, and Slip N Slide Records to name a few.

  • Prompt Payouts

    We typically pay once per business day via PayPal!

  • Get Paid

    We value your time. If you have a good reputation as a curator, we understand you’ll get many submissions. Thus, you can get paid more with better reputation as your lists grow!


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Where are the orders coming from?

Our promotion order page and price list can be foundĀ here

Does it matter what country my playlists are in?

As long as they’re active and have genuine followers (absolutely no bots or click farms), then it will likely be accepted.

Does the title of my playlist matter?

Yes, it does. We take clean music submissions, so any song you receive from us will not have explicit content in it. If your playlists feature explicit songs that is your choice, but we cannot accept playlists that have explicit words in the title of the playlist.

What type of songs will you send me?

We will only send songs that are relevant to your genre. Please be as accurate as possible when submitting the genre(s) of your playlist.

Is there a limit to how many songs I can place?

No. As long as artists are satisfied with the placements we have no problem with you adding as many songs as possible to your lists. Please take into consideration that the more songs there are on a playlist, the higher likelihood it is that results will go down.

Do I have to put songs at the top of my playlist?

You are not required to put all songs at the top of your playlist, but keep in mind that artists are satisfied with results. If songs are placed at the bottom of playlists, then results tend to decline.

How much can I get paid?

There is no one amount we can give. Curators with better reputations and activity in the platform tend to get paid more. You will know the budget of the order when it is submitted to you. It will be a prorated amount that reflects the quality, size, and reputation of your lists. If your lists are more quality, your time to review is indeed more valuable, thus you can earn a higher payout and have the potential to earn the full budget available for the order.

If I have another question where can I ask it?

You can ask any additional questions by sending them in here