Review: Best Podcast Promotion & Marketing Services Online (With Results)

Review: Best Podcast Promotion & Marketing Services Online (With Results)

Written by Jaron Lewis

Podcasts have steadily increased in popularity over the last few years.  More and more brands and people are turning to podcasts to increase reach and gain new audiences.  Just as blogs assisted brands and companies to gain exposure to new and existing clients and audiences, podcasts do the same for brands and companies by creating their radio shows.

It is easy to make a podcast but not as easy to make it popular by gaining listeners and subscribers.  You will need to have a podcast promotion and marketing strategy.  There are numerous services available online to assist you with how to increase podcast listeners.


Many podcasters use Fiverr to find podcast promotion services.  These services will help you create a podcast marketing plan and help you to promote your podcast.  

These online service providers are highly rated and have amazing success rate to help you grow your audience and gain subscribers.  Podcast promotion and marketing services available online have effective marketing plans and strategies to promote your podcast.

These services can increase your listeners whether you are a newbie or an existing podcaster with a listenership who wants to increase his or her audience.


How Do They Do It?

Below we will go into detail about how your service provider will go about promoting your podcast to a much wider audience. There are a few different things they may do so be sure to read till the end.

Show Notes

Show notes will help with SEO ranking and sharing. Providing your service provider with high-quality show notes will assist the provider to use SEO techniques to get your podcast ranked highly.  Also, show notes make sharing your podcast a lot easier for existing listeners. These notes can be simple such as a synopsis of the content of your podcast, or you may prefer a detailed description of the show.  

However, no matter the length or depth of your notes, it has to be clear enough to create an SEO strategy around it.

Share Your Podcast Across Platforms

Your strategy will always start with uploading your podcast to your service provider.  However, marketing services will then change the format of your podcast to upload it onto other platforms such as YouTube and Soundcloud.  

Links to the various platforms where your podcast can be found will be placed in your SEO worthy notes that are used to get you ranked on Google.  

Have Guest With An Existing Following

Your online service provider may suggest a few podcasters that are active in the same genre or theme as you.  You can host these podcasters on your show, and that will expose your show to a new audience.

This strategy is a great method of gauging the quality of your show and content.  High profile podcasters will be more likely to accept an invitation to guest on your show if they believe it will work towards promoting their show as well.


Using a podcast promotion and marketing service that is available online will free up your time so you can focus on creating amazing content for your show.  It is not easy knowing how to promote your podcast, but with services available on Fiverr you will rapidly be increasing your audience and growing your listenership and subscribers.



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