7 Best Music Promotion Services Online In 2020: Review

Most Effective Music Promotion Services Online

Written by Omari MC

Music promotions are a great way to get more plays and listeners honed in to your sound, but how do you know if you're getting a good deal on them?

There are so many choices out there: Dotted Oranges, Music Promotion Corp, Imperium Network, Playlist Push, Submithub, it's enough to make your head spin!

I've taken the liberty of scouring the internet for the best promotions for indie artists, and I'll continually add more to the page as opportunities arise.

Direct links to the pages are included on this post, so if you want to try out more than one promotion, just use the buttons on THIS page!

A quick word of advice as well. Although some of these services may be cheap, don't be afraid to spend more to get better results.

STOP looking for the free way out on everything. That's how to end up without a music career (like the millions of aspiring musicians today).

No one needs to give you a "chance". YOU need to give YOU a chance!

I've listed some of the lower cost services below, but you get out what you put in!

Say you have $5 to buy Soundcloud plays with. You can't expect to get 5,000 plays out of that (at least not real plays). Serious artists usually get professional campaigns, so I'll list the professional campaigns here, and if you have a little bit of a higher budget, I HIGHLY recommend going with the professional service.

We're bias, but we've promoted for thousands and thousands of artists on Spotify, Youtube, SoundCloud, & Instagram. In fact, we've been a top Google ranked music promotion service for years now.

You can see previous campaigns & FAQ's on our checkout page in the button below.


Daimoon has a solid reach in Spotify playlists & Soundcloud reposts. They have a reach up to 10 million for SoundCloud reposts and 500,000 for Spotify playlist followers. The bigger the campaign, the more Spotify/SoundCloud and it’s algorithm will generate additional streams through Discover Weekly & Release Radar!


Music Crowns takes free submissions, but to be honest with you... The free submissions aren't going to get any features at all. Instead, they have a guaranteed promotion that starts at just $10!

With some of their packages, they post it on their Facebook page (Over 2,201,757 fans)

Their most popular post once reached as many as 100's of MILLIONS of people (not an exaggeration).

If that's not worth spending $10 for your music, I'd pick a different career.

Click the button below to get it!


These guys seem to really take their time and listen to the artists when they give a review. Their services start at just $5 too!

They place the review on their site, and you can get gig extras for them to tweet it out to their Facebook or Twitter page for very little cost.

Click the button below to get it!


Jamsphere has a solid Twitter following at over 200K, and they post a review of your submitted songs to their site (as well as 7 other social sites).

You can even get the gig extras to get press in more magazines and blogs for a minimal extra cost. (Well worth it)

Click the button below to get it!


Ricardo's Twitter service is perfect for diversifying your promotion strategy. They advertise to over 1 million genuine followers and can get you in front of some solid people.

If you don't qualify for the premium service above, feel free to give this a try!

Click the button below to get it!



Couldn't forget about myself! I don't currently have a guaranteed promotion system because there's certain types of content I don't feature on my blog.

Instead, I have free submissions. So if it doesn't get featured, it's no biggie. (That should in NO way stop you from submitting though. Some people get hundreds of social shares from being featured on the blog)

Click the button below to submit!


Music Promotion By Location

Yes, it’s important to have music promotion worldwide, but what if you need to specifically have music promotion in Atlanta, New York, Denver, Boston, or Los Angeles. Or let’s say you wanted to international to the United Kingdom, London, Japan, Melbourne, China, Toronto, India, or Germany.

Even if a company is very good at organic Spotify promotion, you’re going to be hard pressed if they can geo-target by playlist. In fact, if a company can get you targeted plays by country on Spotify or SoundCloud, something fishy is likely up.

However, YouTube is perfect for music promotion by location. If you use any legitimate company (like ours), just specify what your marketing plan is and where you’d want your music promoted. This is especially useful if you’re still a local artist and are trying to grow a buzz in your city before broadening your horizons.


Why YouTube Music Promotion Is Slept On

Truth be told, most of our orders are probably Spotify promotion. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spotify and SoundCloud, but YouTube has more audience than both of these combined. You don’t have to have a fancy music video to get great results either! A standard album cover and song video or a lyric video can do just as well in many cases.

Another thing to keep in mind is you want your music to be clean for YouTube for maximum reach. Even the best music video promotion company or service can only do so much on Youtube if your video is full of explicit content.

Free or Cheap Music Promotion Isn’t Always Best

I’m not opposed to people searching for music promotion on Fiverr. In fact, we’re a Fiverr affiliate so we recommend the best services on Fiverr and get commission from it (some of which are in this article). However, not all services are created equally.

Trying to find top music promotion sites that will do something for free is nearly impossible, and if you do find one that has a free trial usually something fishy is up.

Sure you can do things like add the best hashtags for music promotion on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter, but that will only get you so much traffic to your music.

Using the best music promotion apps like SoundCloud won’t be enough without investing in music promotion packages and agencies.

How To Find Affordable (Legit) Music Promotion Deals

I can’t speak for other companies on this one, but here at Omari, if you’re loyal to us, we’re loyal to you! Thus, we opened up a loyalty program where you can get 15% off music promotion for life! After 5 to 7 orders (depending on the order size) you’ll be enrolled forever in our loyalty program!

I’m not sure if any other companies a music promotion club with unlimited campaign discounts, but we do! We can offer this because our music promotion network is extensive and it’s more valuable to keep you happy as customer long term than it is to worry about a few dollars.



There aren’t a ton of good companies out there to promote your music online. Paid promotion campaigns can be costly, so you have to do your homework and research as best you can.

You want a platform with experience that can handle anything from Xitsonga Music Promotion to EDM. Give us a try and we’ll be sure to do our best to give you results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fiverr music promoters legit?

It depends on the seller. We recommend doing a thorough check of the promoter and asking as many questions as possible to ensure it's a legitimate service. If they get upset when you ask legitimate questions, it may be time to search for a different service.

Which platform should I promote my music on?

YouTube is best for location based and niche genre promotion. In the end, you can't really go wrong with YouTube. Spotify is great for finding out if people like your music and deciding which song should be your lead single. SoundCloud is great for younger demographics and Electronic music genres.

Should my genre of music decide where I promote?

Yes! Spotify has many playlists to submit to, but you still have to be accepted by the playlist curator. There is no sure way to say that curators in your country are going to accept your song for their list. There are also only so many niche genre lists available. SoundCloud is good for mostly Electronic music genres. When you go with a knowledgeable YouTube promotion company, there really is no limit to what genre you can promote on YouTube.



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