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SoundCloud Campaign Description (Please Read) +
  • We repost trade within our blog network to be able to handle the promotions (most channels @omari-mc is following on SoundCloud are in the network)
  • Twitter channels used for posts (@omarimc, @artistsresults, @sendmetunes1 + more)
  • Over 34,477 Facebook Fans (Omari MC FB Page)
  • Checkout safely and securely with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, & PayPal below
  • ONE SoundCloud link to a clean song (No Explicit Content)
Spotify Campaign Description (Please Read) +
  • Partner blogs and playlists on Spotify
  • Partner social media channels and groups
  • All packages come with 'The Unconventional 6-Figure Music Business' ebook
  • Please Submit Clean (No Explicit Content) Music Only
Spotify & SoundCloud Campaign BONUSES +
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  • All Campaigns Comes With The 'The Unconventional 6-Figure Music Business' Ebook FREE ($37 Value)
  • Guaranteed Professional Feedback On Songs
  • Get FREE Lifetime access to The Unconventional 6-Figure Music Business video marketing course with every 600K And Up Campaign For Spotify! ($497 Value)

Please submit clean music for your promotion (No explicit content)

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Organic SoundCloud & Spotify Promo Packages

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Terms & Conditions +
  • I am paying for the service of: Submitting a guaranteed track to You are not paying to have your song on any particular Spotify, YouTube, or SoundCloud channel/playlist. You are paying for the time it takes to review the material, ebook, feedback, and time for us to reach out to the blogs to fulfill your campaign. Blogs we trade promotion with post your tracks on a voluntary basis, as we trade with them to post their tracks on a voluntary basis.
  • I understand my music must be clean (no cursing, misogyny/misandry, encouragement of drug use or violence, etc.)
  • I understand that if my music is not clean I may edit it and resend for promotion or send another song in replacement
  • I am aware that will NOT refund my payment for explicit content (You are able to keep the promotion credit for future use)
  • I will Never dispute a payment and if I ever dispute a payment in Paypal I am aware that I will be permanently banned from all channels and partner channels of this Network.

Over 187K Hits On My Ta-Ku - Love Again Remix!

Promotion On This Funk Jam (We Are Able To Handle Different Genres Through Our Blog Network)

*Some songs will take off and others will vary. I have no control over how people will respond to your song. All I do is get it in front of them.


  • q-iconHow Is My Song Promoted?

    I have a blog network setup within SoundCloud, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, & Email Lists. Depending on your genre, your song is reposted on SoundCloud by large channels within the blog network, promoted via Twitter/Facebook, and/or sent to a segment of the email lists. I have established relationships with these blogs over several years and grown my own Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, & Email Lists to have the ability to be in such a large blog network. These fans are opt-in for the email lists, which means they want to hear your music. We strive to give the best, ORGANIC results for your music. This means not every promotion will get the same result. Fans like some songs more than others, but getting accurate feedback is important for your career!

  • q-iconWhat If I Don't Have A Clean Song To Submit?

    There are several very obvious signs on this page that specify ‘clean music only’ must be submitted. No explicit content (cursing, misogyny, encouragement of violence or drug use, etc). No, it does not have to be a fully conscious song, but at the same time it can’t be promoting the things stated above. Many people send in edited versions of their tracks for the promotion, and that is fine. Due to this being very clearly stated on the page, if you submit an explicit song the funds you paid can be used for a future promotion credit or you may freely submit another song, but no refunds are available. If you’re not able to get an edited version of your songs, then feel free to try out a different service here.

  • q-iconWill I Be Provided A Tracking Link?

    No, but you’ll be told when your promotion is scheduled to start. This is a popular, well trusted service that ranks high on Google. Due to this please keep track of the work yourself, but your promotion will organically follow accordingly with the package that you order.

  • q-iconWhat's The Ebook About?

    The book contains information that will help you get a return on investment. More important than getting plays is getting life long fans, and there’s some smart marketing tactics you can use after reading the book to get the most out of your promotion.

  • q-iconI Thought Submissions For The Blog Are Free

    Submissions for my Add This Music blog are completely free; however, paid promotions are guaranteed and exposed through more blogs than my own. There’s no waiting to hear back and see if you’re going to get featured. It’s guaranteed once you select your promotion package and offers more exposure since it’s through more than just my site.

  • q-iconWhy Should I Get This From You?

    You’ll notice whenever people do fake promotion they won’t show any of their previous work; however, I included songs and testimonials directly on this page. I’ve accrued MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of music streams throughout my career, and have helped hundreds of other artists through this service. I know the usefulness of getting real fans to hear your music, as well as keep the fans in your corner. That’s why you’ll get the book and feedback as well as the promotion. I don’t guarantee any number of likes or comments from the promotion because I don’t control what people say. If you want a fake service, you can get one elsewhere.


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