Best Apple Music Promotion Companies: How to Legitimately Boost Plays

Best Apple Music Promotion Companies: How to Legitimately Boost Plays

Written by Cameron Mayo

Welcome to a simple guide to legitimately boost your Apple Music plays! Apple Music artist promotion is an important part of your marketing. As we all know, building a fanbase is challenging and takes some dedicated effort. Apple Music is a hugely popular music streaming service, and if you're not already on there, now is a good time to do it

Below are some tips to making it big on Apple Music. Enjoy!

Hosting their service through Fiverr, this Chicago based music promoter has been in the music business for about 5 years. Also working as a radio station, they have a lot of experience with music promotion and curation. Daily Flavor is a great choice and will deliver on their promise of organic promotion.


Another promoter hosting their services through Fiverr, Sam_jack is an experienced promoter that works exclusively with Apple Music. With custom, targeted marketing, he will increase traffic and engagement with you songs on Apple Music and getting some high-quality momentum going for your music.


1MT ENT has worked with a wide range of budgets and offered great organic promotion. Located just outside Chicago, they provide increased traffic from USA based listeners. Again, they host their service through Fiverr and will offer great customer support if you choose to purchase with them.


To Wrap This Up

Getting legitimate boost plays for your music on Apple Music will make a big difference because they know if you just buy plays. As you keep doing research on music promoters, make sure they are legit. If you're wondering how to know, check out this article about why you should never buy Apple Music plays.

Remember, by boosting your plays organically, you will gain some real fans which is the first step to making a career in music.

If Apple Music isn't for you, that's okay!

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