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No matter where you are in the world, we can provide professional, natural clarity to your mixes.

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Our site has ranked at the top of Google for 'best online mixing service' year after year for a good reason.

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We don't need to sacrifice quality for fast service. Our engineers are the best-of-the-best. They combine both speed and professionalism that is second to none.

Here To Fit Your Needs

Instant mastering is amazing! But when it comes to mixing, there are so many nuances to getting it right. That's why we offer both options! Human led mixing with the power of instant mastering!

Trusted by THOUSANDS

Tens of thousands of artists, managers, and labels alike have trusted the Omari brand with their music promotion, education, technology & engineering needs.



Audio Mixing & Mastering Details & FAQ's

In what format should I submit my files?

Please send WAV. files, 44.1 or 48hz sample rate (16 or 24 bit depth) with CONSOLIDATED audio files, meaning each individual stem/audio file should be the full length of the song. Ex. if your full song length is 3:32, then each stem/audio file should be 3:32 long. Doing this will give our engineers a faster turnaround time for your order.

Can you mix my vocals over an already mixed instrumental?

Yes, all we need is your vocal recordings completely dry (no effects, just the raw file) and after all the processing you'll get a professional mix.

What will the final files be delivered in?

We will send final deliveries in both WAV. and MP3 formats via a cloud folder. You will receive one original and one clean (non-explicit) version of your songs. 

What genres do you cover?

We can do all genres! Our team has professional experience across the board over many years. 

How many revisions come with the packages?

You will receive 3 free revisions should the first edits not be to your liking. Any edit after this is $10. 

Are refunds available?

Refunds are available if we do not believe the song(s) is a good fit for our network. (i.e. when we are voluntarily choosing not to work on the song)

Refunds are not available otherwise. We know audio engineering can be a subjective field, and we do our best to accommodate the requests of all our clients. This being said, please do specific in any revision requests.

How soon will my song be delivered?

Your song will have it's first mix/master done within 5 business days in most cases. Rush orders are prioritized to be delivered within 1 to 2 business days and can see results sooner due to the faster processing.  

If I have another question, where can I ask it?

If you have any further questions or unique concerns you can send us an email here, hit us up in the live chat, or contact us by phone during business hours (M-F 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST) at (516) 387-2596.  

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Use the contact form by clicking here, or dial (516) 387-2596 (phone calls are reserved for purchasing inquiries only). All other questions can be put in the contact form. (Business hours between 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. EST M-F)  



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Have a quick question before ordering? Feel free to contact (516) 387-2596 (Or e-mail here)