What Our Customers Have to Say After Promotion

  • Jean G Noel
    Jean G Noel - In a market that is flooded with companies that promises real streaming promotion. Our small indie label have had horrfic experiences with individuals who sold us false spotify streams. However, our experience with Omari MC has been nothing but amazing results. Now our label has the ability to promote music for our artists, which, will enable them to pursue their dreams and life goals as career musicians. A big thanks to Omari MC and his team. Keep doing the great work that you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Andy Cavender
    Andy Cavender - awesome promotion altogether, got the exposure i needed. Thanks 
  • Danny Razore
    Danny Razore - Yes to Omari MC! Finally, a real Spotify promotion service that provides real results. We'd been struggling to get our artist real exposure on Spotify, needelss to say Omari MC is the real deal. He got our track on multiple REAL playlists with REAL listeners in the tracks TARGET audience. We plan on continuing to work with Omari MC in the future. Thank you! -Danny
  • Shiny Glide
    Shiny Glide - great spotify promotions,I got thousands of real streams and listeners from real playlists.
  • Quentin Cason
    Quentin Cason - Im just beginning to dable in music more than a listener, so i am not well versed in stream in regards to the aspect of business. With that being said, I know when I have made a good investment and Omari's promotion service was well worth it for me. I went with the least expensive promotion and it exceeding my expectations. In fact i will be purchasing a more expensive verison of the promotion i am sure.. Hope this helps. I went with spotify , next time im trying soundcloud. Just to try it.. Omari seems like a pretty cool dude. Guy is professional and responds to emails pretty quickly. It's worth it. The book alone is I think..

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