We're going to be selling beats a little bit differently than you may be used to. It will be a subscription based beat selling store (Think Netflix or Spotify, but for beats). If accepted, you will be paid per download for your beats! More information is in the FAQ's below. We look forward to hearing your submissions soon!


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How will I get paid if my beats are accepted?

You will be paid per download. Depending on how many subscribers there are and how many producers there are, the payment will be prorated. All payments are done via PayPal.

How many beats can I send in?

Please only send up to 3 beats for consideration when submitting. We will reach out to you via email if we’re interested in adding more of your beats to the platform.

What format do my beats need to be in?

You can submit your beats (tagged or untagged) via any streaming link (SoundCloud, YouTube, BeatStars, Spotify, etc.)

If accepted, you will need to provide beats in wav. as well as have the track stems available.

How does the subscription model work?

Artists will be able to subscribe to 4 different plans: mp3 leases, wav leases, wav + trackout leases, and unlimited leases. If people download your beats in a higher plan, the payout is more per download.

Can I still sell my beats elsewhere?

Yes, you are able to sell your beats elsewhere. Artists will also know which beats were created by you, so they will have the opportunity to make an offer for exclusive rights on your beats. You will have the say so on whether or not to accept the offer.

How long will my beats stay in the store?

Beats will stay in the store for at least 1 year or until an exclusive license is solid (whichever is sooner). After 1 year, you will have the opportunity to pull your beats out if you no longer wish to have them in the store.

Can I send in beats that have loops or samples?

You may send in beats that have cleared loops or samples. For instance, if you have paid for a Splice membership or bought a beat pack, those samples are cleared.

If I have another question where can I ask it?

You can ask any additional questions by sending them in here


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Terms & Conditions +

By submitting music you warrant that a) you own and control all rights to the Content Provided and that the Content Provided does not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third parties, b) in the event that the rights to the Content Provided are assigned to another party, the party will adhere to the aforementioned agreement and c) you are fully authorized to submit this content.

We will NOT be uploading any of your beats to any platform unless you have agreed to further paperwork (to be emailed after beats are accepted into the program).