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65,017 YouTube Music Streams In ONE Day Using This Underrated Strategy

FIRST THINGS FIRST (What You Will NOT Get In This Article)

  1. You will not get a theory. These are strategies we’ve personally used. Therefore… EVERY WORD in this article will have a purpose, so read thoroughly.
  2. We’ve promoted music for over 20,000 artists in just about every genre you can think of, so the advice we give is from the standpoint of $1,000,000s spent in music ads + countless hours of SEO and strategic planning.
  3. If you make it to the end of this article, we’ll let you know how to get even more strategies inside of our free marketing courses we give out.

CASE STUDY: Dyar Pshder - Dancing in the Crowd

Genre: R&B/Pop

Like many artists out there, Dyar made great music, but trying to promote all your music yourself seldom works out well.

Being able to make great music doesn’t always transfer over to being able to do your marketing well.

Marketing skills can indeed be learned over time (which is why we give out free marketing courses with all promo purchases at, but even then some artists would rather leave it to someone who does marketing for a living.

That’s where we come in!


  • Song has earned over 162,047 streams on Spotify and YouTube EACH

  • Highest single day total on YouTube was over 60,000 streams

  • Dozens of organic comments on the YouTube video and playlist ads on Spotify


  1. Organic YouTube Posts: The song has been posted on several other YouTube channels for free without us even asking the channel owners! This is a testament to a great song! When you use great paid marketing strategies, it can often result in extra traffic that you didn’t directly pay for! Below is a screenshot of different channels/users that posted the song.
  2. YouTube algorithm recommendations: Similar to the organic YouTube posts, once you have enough positive comments, likes, and shares on your song, YouTube’s algorithm is going to start recommending it to others. The main thing to note about any algorithm on any platform is that they want to show content that will keep users on their platform longer. Why? Because that gives them more ads to serve customers/revenue retention. Want the algorithm to favor you? Make music that people want to play on repeat and share with others.


  1. Paid sometimes equals free: Our paid strategies actually gave way to our free strategies for this song. We ran ads on IG and Facebook to a Spotify playlist that contained this song at the top. We have no control over how people react to the song, but they loved this one. So much so that they would search the song on YouTube and comment there even though we were running the ads to Spotify.
  2. Segmenting IG ads: We only ran CBO campaigns for the ads and let IG decide which countries would perform best. One key thing we did was translate our ad into different languages. There are 53 million Spanish speakers in the US alone. Even if someone can speak English, if they prefer to keep their phone settings in a different language, you’re not optimizing your ads by only serving it in English. You can get much cheaper traffic this way and still send ads to people who speak English!


  • Paid traffic can lead to free traffic when the ads are fully optimized!
  • We spent $0 on Google ads and still received over 160K streams using these strategies (And counting)
  • You can get our full marketing courses for free whenever you order any Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, or IG/FB promotion package at


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*Here are some small samples of the playlists in our network. Obviously, we aren't able to share every single list for confidentiality reasons, but these are a handful of examples out of the hundreds of playlists we have in our network.*

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Contemporary Christian Music (33K Followers)

Louvores - Gospel (62K Followers)

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Clean Rap & RNB (25K Followers)

Top Hits From New Artists (20K Followers)

Chill Music (38K Followers)

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Today's Pop Hits (38K Followers)

Gaming Playlist & Workout Radio (23K Followers)

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Forest Gump Soundtrack (50K Followers)

Stagecoach (15K Followers)

Best of Country Hits (2K Followers)

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Acoustics For Relaxing (48K Followers)

Chill Music (9K Followers)

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Hard Rock Workout (70K Followers)

Rock Hits (5K Followers)

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Funky Songs Playlist (190K Followers)

Clean Rap & RNB (10K Followers)

[EDM/Future Bass] Melvin - Luv Again

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Top Hits From New Artists (20K Followers)

Electro-mania (6K Followers)

Best Workout Playlist (14K Followers)




[Hip Hop] K-Rich - We Workin  


[Hip Hop] Surve - Found My Way  

*Note: Songs may have ordered promotion from other sources as well. Small, medium, and large only denote the amount of promotion that was ordered from our service.  



With an already buzzing YouTube audience of over 400K+ subscribers, Kid Travis wanted his Instagram profile to start gaining some of that same traction.

While you can get some spill over audience from YouTube, Kid Travis knew that Instagram ad campaigns could boost his presence on IG even further!

He discovered that trying to run Instagram ads yourself vs. having us add our years of experience and expertise to them made a huge difference!

His main goal was to achieve new followers who are seriously interested in his journey as an artist.

Kid Travis already had amazing talent but needed to combine his music genius with some marketing expertise to get the best of both worlds.

We were able to bring out the heart of his music through paid ads by editing & optimizing his existing videos and properly researching and structuring his ad campaigns.

The end results: We were able to consistently and predictably gain followers averaging between $0.25-$0.35 per follower (including a bulk of the promotion being done in high cost English speaking countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, & Canada) resulting in around 4,000 new, engaged followers/month on Instagram.

Kid Travis Instagram:

Kid Travis YouTube:

*Note: Previous campaigns are not a guarantee for results in future campaigns. However, we do our best to ensure each client gets the best results possible.