Top 7 Music Licensing Sites That Don’t Stink

Top 7 Music Licensing Sites That Don’t Stink

Written by Jaron Lewis

You do make music for yourself, but you also craft the best music that you possibly can in order to make some money off of your talents. Finding a music licensing agency is going to be the best thing that you can do in order to make money with music.

There are several indie music licensing agencies that are there to help musicians like yourself get your music out there so that you can start earning money. To help you, this is a list of the top music licensing companies that you can turn to so that you can start making money.

Rumblefish is a great site for a variety of different reasons. When you choose this site, you are getting your music into film or television, on websites, and various other media that will widen your audience base.

It can even license music for sonic branding, which means that the music can be played inside of brick and mortar stores. This site allows you to get your music out to so many different methods.

You may be familiar with Getty Images for being a go-to site for photographers to get their pictures out to the masses and make money from it. Well this well-known site also has licensing available for music through a site called Pump Audio.

BeatPick is a music licensing website that has a wide reach for potential buyers for your music. This gets your music to various television shows, advertising, and for use in films. At a recent look, they have over 300 artists that currently have their music on this site and there are over 5,000 songs available through them.

What is neat about this website is that it is a marketplace for music licensing. This website has a goal of introducing artists to those seeking music, allowing both parties to connect with each other independently. You can use this if you want to have a bit more freedom with where your music goes.

This is a site that allows indie musicians to easily find clients for them to sell their music too. The artist can find people that are going to put their music in films, on television and even in commercials. You may also be able to get your music onto the web.

This is a website that specializes in independent music. If you are an indie artist that is looking for a place to start, this is going to be the best place for you.

Sentric Music is a great site to trust with your music because it has connections that are located across the world. If you are an artist that really wants to get a lot of recognition, this website has a lot of opportunities for their artists to get their music in video games, television, films, and advertising.



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