Best Audio Mixing And Mastering Services Online: Top 5 Affordable Companies

Best Audio Mixing And Mastering Services Online: Top 5 Affordable Companies

Written by Cameron Mayo

A key part of being successful in the music industry is finding reliable mixing and mastering services that you can count on to make your music even greater than it already is. Sometimes artists will make many mistakes when it comes to mixing and mastering their own music. With that in mind, we’ve put together this quick list of the top five mixing and mastering services that are both reliable and reasonably priced for what is offered. We hope that you find this list helpful for finding a mixing and mastering service to meet your own needs.

This Grammy-nominated music mixer can be hired through Fiverr. He currently offers three different mixing and mastering packages. The first package is the Gold Package; for $25 he will produce a high quality mix along with free mastering; you will also be allowed up to three revisions if you want more work done on your song. The next available package is the Platinum Package for $50, and the next step up from that is the Diamond Package for $195.


Also available on Fiverr, Kevin is a professional audio engineer who operates out of Portland, Oregon. Kevin welcomes projects from all music genres and offers a variety of mixing and mastering services, with pricing starting as low as $5 (making him one of the best choices if you’re on a tight budget but still want great results). In any case, the basic $5 package entails a quick mix with level adjustments and so forth. You can add on additional services (such as pitch and timing correction) for an additional cost or upgrade from normal Mastering to Advanced Mastering for another $10.  


This online mixing and mastering service is a great choice if you want a service that offers both digital and analog outboard gear to deliver high-quality results. With over fourteen years of combined experience in the music industry (and eight years as a successful mixing and mastering business), Mike’s Mix and Master will work with tracks from any music genre and currently offers three mixing and mastering packages (all of which are reasonably priced for the high-quality and comprehensive services that are offered). The standard package is $126, while the Supreme package is $175. You can also opt for just Mastering, which is only $50.

Also, be sure to use the coupon "OMARI10" for a 10% discount on your order! Mike's services are already incredibly reasonable, but who has ever not wanted to save a bit more money?

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This mixing and mastering service offers both audio mastering and Stem mastering. Additionally, Mercury Mastering can provide you with free mastering preparation advice, free mastering revisions, free mixing advice, and one free mixing and mastering sample. For ordinary audio mastering, a single song will cost about $75, while STEM mastering will cost about $150.

5.  Sage Audio

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Sage Audio is a professional mastering studio that offers both a free mastering sample to new clients while also providing competitive rates to all their customers. They also utilize a web-based file transfer system that helps to facilitate the easy and straightforward use of their services, even if you’re working with Sage Audio remotely. They also have a very straightforward pricing system, with the rates split between Audio Mastering and STEM Mastering. The average price for a single song is $54 for Audio Mastering, and $95 for STEM Mastering. Sage Audio also offers discounts for mastering multiple songs at once.



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