The Indisputable Top Music Marketing Companies In 2020

undisputable top music marketing companies

Written by Jaron Lewis

Music marketing companies work to develop a brand around a featured artist and build an avid fan base.

Drawing positive attention to an artist is key by using a good social media engagement plan, music distribution avenues, and marketing plan similar to that of a startup business.

There are so many music promotion companies… Which ones are the indisputable top music marketing companies?

As far as hip hop music marketing companies go, the following would be my top picks for music artists looking to break away from the competition and get noticed by your target fan base:

There's a reason when you search for terms like 'music promotion' or 'soundcloud promotion' you find this site on the front page of Google. I'm proud to say we are making noise as being one the forerunners of the organic music promotion movement. Not to mention we've been ranked #1 for best music promotion service as well!


Music Crowns has over 2,597,717 Facebook fans, and they provide promotion at a very reasonable price. Give them a try here:


They can put your track in several playlists or SoundCloud channels. In this way, you start having more listeners on your SoundCloud & Spotify releases.

Playlist promotion works exponentially just like SoundCloud reposts do. The bigger the campaign, the more SoundCloud & Spotify's algorithm will generate additional streams through Discover Weekly, The Charts & Release Radar.


This firm specializes in social media music distribution and getting their clients in front of fans through the use of digital marketing. Great idea for newbies that may not have much money to spend on marketing campaigns but know that they have a great product.

Hip Hop Push Media has worked with over 43,000 dj’s, producers, and independent artists since 2009 to put their people in front of magazines, radio promotion, and television personalities.

Some of their services include:

  •       Promotion via social media
  •       Radio interviews
  •       TV interviews
  •       Email blasts/email marketing
Omari Mc Promotion Top music marketing companies

Services offered by this hip hop music marketing company include:

  •       Radio, street, video promotion
  •       Product development
  •       Sales marketing

They are lauded as one of the largest music distribution companies in the United States with an audience of 214 million people and 240,000 hookup connections within the music industry.

Catalog clients include:

  •       Fetty Wap
  •       Nate $avage
  •       Young Boogatti
  •       Jim Jones

They advertise themselves as a “professional music PR (public relations) firm for music with depth artists.”

Services include:

  •       Music marketing
  •       Music promotion
  •       Music branding
  •       Public relations strategy
  •       Graphic design

This company has been featured in publications like Performer Magazine, Bandzoogle, and Sonicbids. A unique strategy gets their clients in front of major players in the music industry rather than trying to push for a music video to go viral.

Not to mention they’ve featured our work on their blog as well 🙂

Independent Music Promotions reviews Omari MC’s ‘Make Them Beg To Buy Your Music’

This firm appears to be strictly digital and touts themselves as “the ultimate hip-hop blog directory.”

What I like about this company is that they work to build a community of supporters around the artist. Having a loyal following is crucial to any business, including and especially artists.

Building a loyal following that is willing to stand by you long-term could make or break you.

Other services offered by this company include:

  •       Social media promotion and management
  •       Radio branding and promotion
  •       Search engine optimization
  •       Public relations
  •       Competitor analysis
  •       Website analytics
  •       Content management and strategy
  •       Email marketing

Are you a new artist with a limited budget? This could be a great option for you!

What I love about this company just by looking at their website is that their prices are listed front and center right on the home page.

Their services are geared towards independent rappers, dj’s, promoters, and managers that are looking to self-promote on a bootstrapped budget.

According to their website, they have 30,000 new visitors to their site and 100,000 page views every single month. Apparently they are looked at often by connections at major record labels and DJ’s with major credibility.

Their services include:

  •       Social media promotion
  •       Banner ads
  •       Interview and spotlight on Stop The Breaks website
  •       Promotion for new projects that artist is working on
  •       Email blast to avid followers

A 15 year veteran of the music industry, Top Notch Music has promoted and represented big names like:

They claim on their website that they represent Fortune 500 companies as well as independent artists looking to get their start in the industry. This company is touted as the #1 promotion company in radio and internet promotions. Services include: music marketing and promotion for Hip Hop, R&B, and Indie music.

This company appeals to me because of their perceived value and the big names that have trusted them to represent them in the recent past. They seem to have an excellent track record.

Final thoughts

Music promotion companies have developed a strong reputation in the music industry for representing artists in the public eye and developing their branding/public persona.

Technology has allowed for many changes within how music is distributed and marketed to the masses. We have moved from records and A-track tapes to CDs and now we have moved into an era of digital streaming.

New and emerging artists should find a company that has a great reputation in the industry and is willing to set the artist as a priority instead of adding them to a large pile of client files that never sees the light of day. Ideal agents should be up to date on technology and social media trends.

Do your own research on potential prospects and have a legal professional look over any contracts before you sign if you feel that is a good move for you.

Do you work in the music industry? Have you used music marketing companies before? We’d love to hear your thoughts!



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