Hip Hop, Rap & RnB Ghostwriters: Best & Affordable Services Review

Hip Hop, Rap & RnB Ghostwriters: Best & Affordable Services Review

Written by Jaron

Ghostwriting services are a smart way for artists to get over a hump or overcome writer's block. There is no shame in using a ghostwriting service as an artist. In fact, many popular artists do it all the time. 

Following our research, here are some top ghostwriters for the best and most affordable service. Whether you are a Hip Hop, Rap, or R&B artist, these ghost writers will be sufficient for you. 

Freelance Ghostwriters

The most common way that artists find ghostwriters is through freelance platforms. Due to the nature of ghostwriting work, freelancers are in a unique position to provide artists with a strong, affordable option. 

Freelancers work based on contracts and can take on many clients. Subsequently, they can work with many artists who are looking for a ghostwriter and write many types of songs for them. There are freelancers who specialize within different genres of music, giving artists a nice array of options to choose from. 


Fiverr is a great platform to hire some of the best and most affordable ghostwriters. There is actually an official category for this on the Fiverr website, with many of its sellers having outstanding reviews. 

The platform has developed immensely, there are many services that you can browse through, and a wide range of sellers varying in both quality and cost. 

Below we will list the top 5 ghostwriters on the platform who can help take your artistry to the next level!

Songwriting By Trwtlo

They have had so much success locally, they have decided to bring our business to Fiverr! With a perfect 5 star rating and over 300 reviews, its safe to say that they are legit. They specialize in the Hip Hop and RnB genre.

This gig offers:

A 10 Second Revision/ 2 Bar Verse for $5.

One 16-bar verse OR hook for $35.

A (Up to 3 verse) full song for $120.

These are their standard prices for customers that already have the beat that they would like their song to be written for. They will also find the beat for you, for an additional $25. In return, you will receive both written lyrics and a reference track.

If you have any questions about ownership, or wanted to hear some of their past work, feel free to send a message before placing your order.


Lyrics By Slimaginations

This is another seller with a perfect 5 star rating. They have over 40 reviews and come highly recommended. They do however want to be contacted before your purchase so they can get a good feel on what you are looking for.

This gig offers:

One 16 Line verse, two 16 Line verses with hook or two premium 16 Line verses with hook crafted to perfection. Their writers can touch the largest range of topics in the industry.  Some of the genres they have written for include; Battle Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Pop, Rock, Country, Spoken Word, and Rock. 

Get the commercial use license for the verse and use it anywhere! Commercial use privileges are included in the Premium option or you can add a Gig Extra. 


Rap Lyrics By Grafezzy

Grafezzy has a 4.8 star rating with almost 300 reviews! He specializes in Rap music and lyrics. He has a harder style compared to the other writers we have featured so he is one to work with if you are into the harder side of rap music. 


Melodic Rap/Hip Hop Lyrics By Joshuadaniel618

Joshua has a 4.9 star rating with over 100 reviews! He is very versatile but I would say his strongest material is his melodic new age style. His prices are slightly higher than some of the previously mentioned ghostwriters but from the sample works on his page and the reviews, its safe to say he is worth every penny.


Rap And Hip Hop Lyrics By Lindonmusic

LindonMusic is another ghostwriter with a 5 star rating and over 150 reviews. He has a very versatile style and is well suited for any type of song you would need. The sample works and reviews really speak for themselves.



We have given you direct links to some of the best ghostwriters that the internet has to offer. All of these artists are fully capable of bringing your ideas to life in the form of incredible lyrics. 

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