Best Spotify Promotion Companies: How to Legitimately Boost Plays

Best Spotify Promotion Companies: How to Legitimately Boost Plays

Written by Jaron Lewis

You are here reading this because you want to know how to boost Spotify plays. Spotify artist promotion is a useful tool for musicians that are trying to break through in this highly competitive field. This means that you need to know all of the Spotify artist promotions that you have access to in order to maximize your success on this music streaming service. By reading on, you will learn all about how to legitimately boost your plays so that you can find success on Spotify.

We've scoured the internet for good services that do not breach the Spotify TOS and offer good, organic promotion for your music. The easiest way to do that is to be put into playlists, email lists, DJ groups, and broadcast on popular social media channels.

These services charge a nominal fee, but if you truly believe your music is good, it's worth the fee as you should gain back your money from the royalties anyway!

This first one below is the premium service! Your song is put into popular, genre specific playlists, email lists, blogs, and social media. 


Streamify is a popular company that offers customers 100% natural plays that are performed by people who have accounts. This company also promises that you will get your full royalties as they are legitimate plays. You will also get accurate statistics that you can look over to see how well your music is doing so you can see how you need to adjust your music to maximize listeners. Streamify will work with you in order to promote your albums and singles, offering you a wide variety of services that you can take advantage of.

They have a large network of partners that allows a possibility for you to earn up to 100,000 plays for each of your tracks each day. Most importantly, these are unique accounts that are completely random.

Another company to consider is Streampot. What is good about this website is that it not only offers promotional services on Spotify, but it also offers services on iTunes and YouTube. This website gives you the promotional tools that you need in order to build a fan base, increase your popularity, and get you your royalties as these are real plays. They offer quite a few Spotify services that you would be interested in. One, you can boost your singles, getting you plays for your songs.

You can also get your entire album promoted by this service. There is even a service where you can get your song on the Spotify charts, which can be pretty essential if you want to get noticed by potential fans. Lastly, this website can also help you promote your artist page and getting people subscribed to your artist feed.

Fiverr is a website where you can get a variety of services for your career as a musician. This also includes getting legit plays for your Spotify music. By going to this website, you will pay a far less amount of money for similar services, even though they may not be quite as in-depth as these other promotional companies. You will still get what you are looking for here.


Getting legitimate boost plays for your music in Spotify will make a big difference because this is how you get your royalties. Otherwise it will seem off to Spotify and it could have negative consequences to your account. By boosting your plays naturally, you will get a lot of promotion that is essential for getting discovered and building a much larger fan base.



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