10 Absolute Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Musicians & Music Lovers

10 Absolute Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Musicians & Music Lovers

Written by Jaron Lewis

As a musician or music lover, you’re probably always looking for new and exciting ways to check out new music and get involved in the music community. With the increasing popularity of social media sites like Instagram, there’s becoming more and more ways to keep connected to all the new music and up and coming artists throughout the world today.

While there are thousands of Instagram accounts focused on music and musicians, we’ve worked to narrow down the best ten for you to check out if you're a musician or music lover yourself.

Top 10 Accounts To Follow

  1. Bizzle

Not only can I find some different, unique, conscious music here, but I can find messages that I can apply to my day. This page helps change the way I go through my life.

  1. Jesus Molina

Jesus may just be the most talented keyboardist I've ever seen. The first time I saw those hands moving on the keyboard, I was mesmerized! You will be too!

  1. Keys University

This page is super dope! They'll have videos of different pianist and keyboardist across the world showcasing their talent. Some of these people are insanely talented on there! You'll get lost looking at videos for a solid 15 minutes at least ( that is, if you thoroughly enjoy talented people!)

  1. Omari

You didn't honestly think I'd leave myself out the list, did you? In all honestly though, hundreds of thousands of people have subscribed to my email lists and social media accounts. A lot of musicians prefer to sign up for the mailing list here (Over 67,000 in fact). But definitely don't be shy in hitting that follow button and dropping me a line on IG as well.


  1. Questlove

Questlove is a musical icon in the hip-hop community and his Instagram profile offers music fans access to glimpses of his daily life, while his conversational captions work to engage and interact with fans. Questlove is a definite follow for any hip-hop fan in the music community.

  1. BeatStars

BeatStars will drop some quality gems and always shouts out local members of their community, which I really appreciate. (In fact, they've showcased my Hip-Hop & Rnb instrumentals for sale from time to time) Mainly geared towards producers, but definitely helpful for rappers, singers, and musicians alike too.

  1. Music Studios

Music Studios shares…you guessed it, photos of music studios. Browse this Instagram profile to get studio inspiration or perhaps see where you want to work on your music next.

  1. Rap Ratz

Rap Raptz is a comic strip a modern day humanoid rodent. He tells many truths in while being sarcastically witty.

  1. Producer City

Similar to Music Studios, Producer City also offers an intimate look at different studio spaces across the world. The account can offer inspiration or perhaps just some eye-candy as you drool over some of the spectacular studio spaces they share.

  1. Kevon Carter

Half comedian, half musician, Kevon makes for some seriously talented yet hilarious video clips and memes. He uses a lot of church humor in his delivery, so if you grew up in church at all, you'll find yourself on the floor laughing while enjoying the musicianship jokes too!

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