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10 Best Facebook Groups For Sharing & Promoting Music

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

No matter who you are or what you do, it's always a healthy practice to be involved in some sort of group or surround yourself with like minded individuals. As a musician or someone in the music industry, this is even more important because connections and networking are such a large part of the business.

Aside from this, shared interests groups are great for artists to share thoughts, ideas, stories, or struggles. Especially as a newer musician, it’s key you have someone or somewhere to go to for advice and support, whether it’s support emotionally or support for your music.

Luckily this day in age, the internet makes communication and sharing available to us at the click of a button. Social media is undoubtedly the best way to communicate with people from all across the globe and make connections with others who have common endeavors as yours. Facebook in particular makes grouping up and connecting ridiculously simple. You’re probably in a couple of Facebook groups yourself whether it’s for your favorite sports team or to share funny memes, but are you in any constructive music groups where you can go to share and promote your music? 

Many music related Facebook groups have strict self promotion rules and will not allow artists to post or campaign their personal music. Although this is understandable in some instances to avoid spamming and clutter on the page; it’s still necessary that artists are sharing their music among each other to receive feedback and constructive criticism on their work. 

And speaking of musicians helping other musicians - I’ve done some digging around through music related Facebook groups and have found the 10 best groups for sharing and promoting music. This way, you never have to worry about getting kicked out of another group for breaking a ‘no self-promoting’ rule. Check out the list below:

The Music Launch Hub is considered the best Facebook group for artists from all over the world to communicate with each other and help each other in times of need. As its name suggests, the focus of this group is to help artists launch their music by sharing it with other musicians inside the group. They have a strict promotion policy that only allows artists and bands belonging to the group to publish a post to promote themselves or their concerts, this way you don’t have to worry about a ton of spam from promoters or other third parties.

Whether you need a little inspiration to finish writing your new album, need a little help getting into a festival or find a way to contact someone important in the music industry, this group is sure to find someone willing to help you. 

The DIY Tour Postings group is your ideal Facebook communication go-to place if you are a musician who is planning a tour, looking for opening acts, searching for gigs to play, or are a talent buyer or scout searching for potential acts to book at your next show.   

Here you can find advice of all kinds from other musicians who have already experienced a tour and who want to help others cope with the pressure and stress that comes along with the touring lifestyle. It is also really beneficial for artists and booking agents who at the last minute need to add a band to the lineup or sell tickets to a show that isn’t advancing as successfully as hoped for. Here you will be able to promote yourself without censorship and they will help you to fill your concerts with people. 

Created by Mike Ziemer, this group is yet another in the long list of networking groups currently operating on Facebook that aim to create an open space for discussion and support among artists from all over the world. It generates great discussions on everyday topics within the music industry that many musicians who are just starting out will find helpful to listen to: record labels, access to music festivals, music licensing, marketing, touring, etc.

In addition, it's not only a great place to get advice, it's also a very useful group to expand your contacts in this world and start making solid friendships that can help you grow as an artist in an industry full of competition.

With the main objective of exchanging opportunities and opinions about the music industry, this curious group hosts millions of artists and promoters from all over the music world who chat with each other and share anecdotes, concert dates and volunteer opportunities with the purpose of helping each other and shortening distances. 

The one degree of separation couldn’t be more true in an industry as exclusive as the music industry. In this group those distances disappear and everyone sits down to chat as friends and colleagues with common interests in mind.

Created by the expert in website and branding of the music industry Katherine Forbes, this a great group to join if you are a woman in the music industry looking for networking or connection opportunities. This group is exclusive to females only because it aims to provide professional support to women looking to break into a male-dominated industry, while also helping them to solve any questions or problems they have. 

This is a fantastic group complemented by a great website where females in the music community can gain strength through accompaniment of mutual industry professionals. Though this group is not  necessarily dedicated to music promotion, its a good place to go to find connections where you can then promote your music outside of Facebook as well. 

This is another great group exclusively for supporting female musicians. The name of the group stands for Girls Behind the Rock Show and its function is the same as the rest of the communication groups on Facebook: ask questions, seek support or offer it, and make interesting discussions on the big issues surrounding the music scene. 

The group stays organized through hashtags, and you must use one of their provided hashtags on their homepage to make a post. This way if you are going to the group to solely look for advice, you can  search #GBTRSAdvice and only be shown the posts including helpful information without digging through irrelevant content. Important to note: the GBTRS group only allows self-promotion on Wednesdays. This is also to help organize the page content and combat clutter from spam. 

This group is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the serious and hard working independent performing and recording artists, as well as producers. The group also serves as a forum where members can come together to discuss their interests, share knowledge, and talk about anything music related. 

Self promotion is allowed in the group but they ask users not to spam in order to keep the group's integrity. They also request that members ‘give more than you take’, so if you decide to join just make sure you do your part in helping others as well as receiving help for yourself.

Song alive is a group dedicated for all music lovers across the web. A cool thing about this group is that they don’t require you to be in the music industry or have a career surrounded by music. The average Joe can join this group to find new music, or share music he may enjoy. 

This makes it a great place for independent artists to go and share their music, because you never know who will click on your song and become your newest biggest fan!

Just like the name sounds, this Facebook group is all about sharing music and getting or giving feedback on music. Although you can promote your personal music freely on this page, they ask that there is no show, concert, or festival promotion, or any posts asking people to buy tickets to an event. 

This group is visible to the public so I would highly recommend any artist or band check it out. Again, you never know where a talent scout or record label A&R may go to look for the latest indie artist they may want to sign.

This group is totally different from the others mentioned on this list, but it’s definitely worth a notable mention. This is more of a company Facebook page rather than your average group format. Founded by famous music industry mindset coach the famous Suzanne Paulinski, , in this group musicians will not only get the traditional advice that will help them get a foothold in the music industry, but they can also find some very profound advice on how to keep their mental health healthy at all times. We all know the effects that fame can have in the music world and the consequences that poor mental health and lack of support can have on a successful musician. 

This is why Suzanne created this group, to prevent further such misfortunes and to help all musicians to approach their careers from a healthier and less ambitious point of view. The group also often hosts live broadcasts that emulate the dynamics of self-help groups, connecting many people in the same conversation and helping them feel more listened to and supported during their career.

Wrapping Up

Facebook groups are a great avenue to take when you are looking to push your music out to the world and get as many ears on your song as possible! Especially for upcoming musicians trying to break into the industry, it's important that you use every tool to your advantage to get your music heard.

Beyond self promoting on Facebook, there are many other music promotion routes you can take. The team at Omari MC is dedicated and skilled at helping artists and bands grow their fanbase, increase their streams and listeners, and overall launch the careers of musicians through our proven successful promotion and marketing campaigns. 

If you are ready to take your music career to the next level and finally get the recognition your talent deserves, check out the different ways Omari MC can help. 

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      also on FB check out ‘Experimental Music/ Other’

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