10 Best Ways To Find Your New Band Members

10 Best Ways To Find Your New Band Members

Written by Jaron Lewis

Sometimes in life you find yourself meeting a group of people whose ideals and interests are the same as yours. You may all have the same musical talent and decide to form a band. Somewhere down the line due to many circumstances the band members may break up or some may leave. In some cases you may just need a new member to be added to add a twist needed to the group. In all these many scenarios you will need to find criteria to choose the new member.

1. Put An Ad Up

This can either be online or in the local newspaper. If you are looking for someone who can start immediately and lives in the local area then you need to specify those details in the ad.

2. Hang Out In Music Stores

You need to go to the place where the musicians hang out which is basically the music store. You have high chances of meeting someone there who might just be the one you are looking for.

3. Poach From Another Band

This should be the last resort if you have no other means. You can propose to a band member from another group if they will willing come and join you. Try to make their end in one band amicable.

4. Hire Players

This may be a last resort especially if you had booked gigs before one member left and you need to replace them urgently but do not want to make it permanent. The paid member may turn out to be a fit after all.

5. Hold Auditions For The Band Member Needed

Another easy way is to hold auditions and hope for the best. This way you can have all the people required to come in at the same time if you need different types of members. This common when a band needs at least two new players or one that can sing and play an instrument.

6. Put Up Ads On Bulletin Boards

Even though this may seem too traditional in the sense that technology has taken over. The people who joins bands are rarely looking for the ads online. There is just some authenticity in placing ads in physical form.

7. Make Realistic Expectations

Making realistic expectations will save you the trouble of being disappointed by everyone you interview. You should not compromise the direction and vision of the band but it is required for you to at the least give leniency to the people who come by. No one can replace the previous member completely.

8. Pre - Audition Interviews

Sometimes you need to test out someone’s personality before you get to know them and their playing techniques. Some questions can be drafted before then to ensure that you will get the right kind of person for your group.

9. Send The Chord Charts In Advance

You can send the chord charts or recordings in advance to the persons coming in for the interview if you need them to play a certain part together with the rest of the band to see if it will work out.

10. Use Apps

In this era of technology you can use a find a member app to look for your next Gwen Stefani. This may be the best means to find a band member quickly.



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