10 Best YouTube Piano Tutorial Channels (Easy For Beginners)

10 Best YouTube Piano Tutorial Channels (Easy For Beginners)

Written by Jaron Lewis

Learning to play piano in your spare time sounds difficult but with the right tutorials you’ll be able to pick it up in next to no time. The best places to start are definitely easy piano songs for beginners with letters and easy popular songs to play on piano.

Even if you’re stuck for a piano and only have a keyboard a lot of these channels will incorporate some easy songs to play on keyboard. Here are 10 of the best channels to help you learn.

Top 10 Best Tutorials

  1. MangoldProject - This guy doesn’t take things too quickly or too slowly, you’ll find yourself running through the songs at a nice pace and you’ll pick up the basics in next to no time. Definitely one of the best on Youtube.
  1. Bill HiltonInstead of giving everything to you on a plate, he feeds you enough to let you figure things out for yourself. Not only does this give you better intuition but more confidence further down the line.
  1. Sonsofthunderpro They bring piano music to life and not only make you want to listen to more music than you ever imagined but make you want to play it, too.
  1. WorshipWoodShedGiving some great insight into how the piano works and what notes and chords to play, you might not be learning songs but you’ll be learning the basics at one hell of a high standard.
  1. JazzTutorialOK, this might be a little more advanced but learning to play by ear is an integral key for piano playing and this channel offers up some of the best videos on the internet.
  1. PianoTVMore than just a run through of how to play specific songs, you’ll quickly learn history and gather information on a whole host of different styles and composers, making it much easier to know what you want to learn in the future.
  1. HDpianoLearning an instrument is easier if you’re learning songs you already know and love and this channel concentrates on the latest and greatest music on the moment.
  1. Hoffman AcademyAn excellent channel for the true beginner, you’ll get the depth and breadth of the piano industry with step-by-step tutorials.
  1. Pianist Magazine A really great channel that covers the basics with enough depth to get you up to scratch but also pushes you onto the next level and beyond.
  1. Jane Not only does it show her playing the piano but it also shows the sheet music as she is running through. Without hand feeding you the notes and chords it’s a great way to challenge yourself to properly learn the basics.

Learning to play the piano doesn’t need to be a dream you never fulfilled, with a bit of time and effort you’ll be able to play basic piano in next to no time.



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