10 Huge Mistakes Musicians Make On YouTube

10 Huge Mistakes Musicians Make On YouTube

Written by Omari

We’ve gotten over 152,967,417 impressions promoting music material on YouTube.

If you skipped reading the big number, it just means we have a TON of data and expertise on what does and doesn’t work on YouTube when promoting album cover artwork videos, lyric videos, and music videos across just about every genre you can think of. 

Given the insights we have from that many impressions, we’ve made a list of best practices for artists to implement when promoting their music on YouTube.

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Here are the 10 things you need to do when promoting your music on YouTube:

1. WHY You Made The Song

Tell your story of WHY you made the song in the description followed by the action you want people to take. Put the most important action you want people to take FIRST in your description, then you can put other information after.

2. Example Of An Optimized Description

Here’s an example of an optimized description: “Too many people in this country have struggled with drug addiction. In fact, it’s hit home and impacted one of my closest friends. I made this song to vent my thoughts and try to make sense of it all. I make a bunch of music that expresses my struggles and triumphs. If you’d like to hear more and join the journey, please click that subscribe button → link to subscribe.”

3. Connection

It doesn’t have to be THAT deep, but people are going to connect with your story. 

4. What Your Pinned Comment Should Say

Have a pinned comment essentially telling the same story of why you made the song or why it's important to you, followed by the action you want listeners to take.

5. Relatable

Be relatable in the story you tell in your pinned comment and description. Just saying, “Here’s my song. Please like, comment, & subscribe,” is NOT the same as telling your audience WHY you made the song and WHY it’s important to you.

6. Pinned Comment Length

Tell your story in 3-5 sentences or less if possible.

7. Action Specific

Try to tell them the ONE action you want them to take. Don’t split it up into 3 or 4 things you want them to do. Two actions at most is fine for the main call-to-actions, then you can put other social links towards the bottom of your description. 

8. The Most Valuable Action Your Listeners Can Take

We recommend either telling people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, IG, or email list. A YouTube subscribe is going to be the easiest since they’re already on YouTube, but the other 2 are possible.

9. Video Cards

Use video cards throughout the video for specific call-to-actions

10. Personalized End Videos 

Film or make a personalized end screen/outro of 10-15 seconds briefly telling listeners why they should subscribe to your channel and attach it to the end of your lyric videos, album cover artwork videos, or music videos when editing.

Other Stuff You Should Know

Just making “good music” doesn’t mean people are going to subscribe, comment, or even like your videos on YouTube.

You need to maximize your potential by implementing these strategies.

And after getting over 152,967,417 impressions on YouTube, we know how to push to the right people using the right targeting, settings, copywriting and expertise.

Our Impressions On YouTube

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