10 (Realistic) Best Free Electric, Metal, & Acoustic Guitar VST Plugins Ever

10 (Realistic) Best Free Electric, Metal, & Acoustic Guitar VST Plugins Ever

Written by Cameron Mayo

Adding music to your tracks was once pretty difficult, but thanks to guitar VST plugins and the many free downloads  options, you can find the perfect instrument for your new song. Are you looking for a Jazz guitar VST? Do you want ample guitar VST? This article will take a look at the best free plugins to create the songs you have envisioned in your head without spending a fortune.

The synth in this plugin is fantastic, offering 9 different types of guitar sounds for your music. You can also choose between nylon or steel string types to give you the freedom you need to make your song unique.

If you are specifically looking for acoustic guitar to add to your tracks, this is one of the best options available. There are over 800 samples to choose from as well as additional articulations you can use with each sample.

IK Multimedia is very well-known for its innovative plugins. This pack is no exception. This free plugin offers 24 pieces of gear for you to add new layers of instruments to your music.

Native Instruments is another great producer of digital instrument software. The free version is a bit trimmed down in comparison to the paid version, but you can still create incredible music with the instruments included.

What’s interesting about this program is that it was originally created as an academic research project and became an awesome software for musicians to find great samples.

This is another great example of an abbreviated paid version that is available for free. You will get some great instruments and utility without spending a dime. The free option is also extremely easy to use and will have you creating some awesome music in no time.

This plugin works well for both Windows and Mac computers and was made by an expert in the guitar industry. You have plenty of really expressive options for your guitar sounds so that you can craft your next masterpiece.

You will like how this plugin can be used as a surprisingly powerful standalone app. The free version has a nice selection of free instruments to choose from, each of which can offer a unique edge to your music.

Even pros enjoy the free version of this plugin. It is a high-end product, delivering quality sounds that musicians of all levels love. Despite being a great free versions, upgrading to the full program is a huge increase in variety.

The digital software is very similar to the hardware version, which fans of the Emissary are going to love. The VST is optimized for a lag-free performance, which means that you will have to worry about some issues that you may find in other, unoptimized items.


Each one of these plugin packs have beautiful instruments. With so many options, you are sure to unlock some brilliant creativity and produce a great new track. We cannot wait to hear what you make!

Comment below your favorite plugin instruments!

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