10 Tips On Creating Killer Rap Punchlines, Metaphors, & Similes

10 Tips On Creating Killer Rap Punchlines, Metaphors, & Similes

Written by Jaron Lewis

Some outsiders of the music industry may lead you to believe that writing killer freestyle punchlines is an easy task. The reality is that it is actually quite difficult to write punchline rap lyrics that are really amazing and will draw the attention of your fans. Here are 10 tips that can help you create killer punchline rap bars and lyrics.

Choose Beats That Compliment Your Flow

Picking the right, professional quality beats will help your flow and vocabulary. Taking your rap game seriously is what separates the people who make a couple songs and never do anything with them from those that invest in their craft and take it far!

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1. Imagery

You need to think of your song as something that can be so descriptive that a person can close their eyes and just imagine what you are talking about. Be sure to use a lot of imagery in the song so everyone can feel exactly what you want them to.

2. Preparation

You really need to prepare before you start writing your punchline. Listen to artists that really inspire you and be sure to that you learn all about the structure of writing a punchline. Are you going to go with a couplet or single punchlines? These are things to think about before you write.

3. Pre-Write Your Lines

You may want to keep writing lyrics and punchlines over time on topics that are timeless and will always be relevant. You should also use things that would occur in someone’s everyday life to make them more relatable to your listeners.

4. Never Overuse Metaphors & Similes

It is important to find a happy balance between writing meaningful and amazing similes and metaphors and other types of language in your punchline. There is such a thing as overusing these techniques and you need to avoid this.

5. Avoid Clichés And Mixed Metaphors

This is another area where you need to tread carefully. Clichés and mixed metaphors can very quickly ruin whatever you are writing, which is why you need to be careful with these.

6. Keep Them Relevant

As with any type of art, the punchline needs to be relevant to things that are going on today or in the past that your listeners can relate to.

7. Make Them Surprising

The punchlines should be something that surprises your listeners. By clever use of the English language, you can make unique word combinations that will surprise your listeners as well as help these lines become memorable and quotable.

8. The Delivery Is Just As Important As The Words

You can spit all of the words that you want but there needs to be a focus on your delivery. Things like dramatic pauses can be just as effective as actually words, so you should learn to properly utilize these strategies.

9. Don’t Stress Out About It

Whenever you are writing anything, it can be so easy to stress yourself out about the words you are using. However, this can hurt the quality of your work. Let the words just flow and fix what needs to be fixed afterwards.

10. Not Everything Has To Be A Perfect Rhyme

When you are thinking about writing lyrics or poetry, you often get stuck thinking that everything needs to be a “perfect rhyme”. By using a similar rhyme, you can have the same effect in flow without stressing out about the words.



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