11 Best Royalty & Copyright Free Music Sites For YouTube Channels

11 Best Royalty & Copyright Free Music Sites For YouTube Channels

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you have videos on YouTube, you know that music can make or break your videos. But to get videos on there, you need to get special permissions to use their music on your page. There are options for you, such as copyright free music for YouTube.

Royalty free music is the best alternative for people who may not have a lot of money to spend on their music for videos. Fortunately, there is free music available for YouTube videos. This will help you to find websites with free stock music that you can use.

This is one of the most popular locations that people use to get royalty and copyright free music. There are hundreds of options on this website, which you can add right away to your YouTube video or where you can download so that you can edit the music into your video as wanted.

Specializing in intense electronic music, this can be a great choice if you want free music that matches the adventurous videos that you are posting. There are so many options, especially if you are looking for the perfect montage music for your video.

Without registration, you can download loops, breaks, and beats when you visit this website. As long as you are not using the music commercially (to sell mixtapes or a song), then you are free to use every song on this website.

You can subscribe to this website and have access to thousands of product music that sounds professionally made. This website was made for this exact purpose: sharing music between all people.

Reddit is a great place to find pretty much anything that you wanted (or anything that you don’t, so be careful). The subreddit r/instrumentals is a place where people can share, find, and request free instrumentals. People will respond with links to other pages where you can find free music.

Here you are able to sign up to this website for free to gain access to hundreds of different tracks in a wide variety of genres. When you use these songs, there is no requirement for attribution.

The royalty free music that is found on this website is done by a guy by the name of Kevin MacLeod. He regularly puts out music for people who want free music for their YouTube channel or any other purpose that they may have.

While you will need to ensure that you follow the proper attribution protocols when using this website, you do get access to a wide range of tracks across numerous genres. These are only available in MP3 format.

If you are looking for hip hop instrumentals and beats, this is the absolute best website for you to turn to. There are so many different options here that you are sure to find the exact sound that you are looking for.

This is another website that is run by a single artist. There are over 200 songs available on his site that are free for you to use, as long as you give him credit for the songs and promote his site.

Not only does this website have so many different instrumental options, it also has a built-in player on the site where you can sample the songs that you are looking to download. There may not be a lot of options on this site, but you do get a variety of genres.



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