17 Best Free Music Schools & Lessons Online: The Ultimate Resource

17 Best Free Music Schools & Lessons Online: The Ultimate Resource

Written by Jaron Lewis

Many people are put off learning a new instrument because not only does it take a lot of time and dedication but, unless you’ve got a friend in the business, it can cost a lot of money too.

Fortunately we live in an age where you can find people who teach music lessons online without the cost of a real life teacher. So if you’re looking for some free online music lessons for beginners and making sure it’ll stay as music lessons online for free then just check out this list of the best 17 places to level up.

The Top 17

  1. Introduction to Classical Music Run by the University of Michigan this is a great place to pick up the basics for classical music.
  2. MUSII112 Listening Course – From Yale, this might be a pretty intense course to sit through but the rewards are simply outstanding.
  3. Songwriting - Helping to bring your inner songwriter out, you’ll learn techniques you wouldn’t hear about elsewhere.
  4. Introduction to Guitar - With so many musicians coming into the business through the guitar, it’s an instrument that appeals to many.
  5. Fundamentals of Rehearsing Music Ensembles - A step up from the basic lessons, you’ll learn skills more commonly associated with the conductor.
  6. Jazz Improvisation - While improvisation isn’t a teachable skill, this will give you the right skills to be able to do improvisation with style.
  7. Developing Your Musicianship - A course from Berklee that helps train your ears to pick up on nuances within music structure.
  8. Band as Business, Musician as Entrepreneur – This will really help you to take the right steps to making a name for yourself in the music industry.
  9. Survey of Music Technology – Times are changing and this course helps you learn how to incorporate music with technology.
  10. Introduction to Music Production - The best way to learn anything is to get into the backstory and this will help you get into all the nooks and crannies.
  11. History of Rock (Part One) - Going through the rowdy rock to the psychedelia of the late 60s, there’s a lot to be learned from the golden oldies.
  12. History of Rock (Part Two) - We couldn’t put part one and not part two.
  13. Exploring Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas - He was one of the best and there’s a lot to learn from him.
  14. The Music of the Beetles - You can’t learn music without looking into The Beetles.
  15. Mutopia - A fantastic site that offers scores of classical music with free sheet music from some of the best composers throughout history.
  16. Dave Conservatoire – Short, sharp and to the point, these lessons will let you learn at your own pace and in your own time.
  17. Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People – A set of free pdfs that will help you with all the basics and theory, there’s not a site like it anywhere else.

Test some of these sites out and see your standards soar!



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